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  • scarbrobill scarbrobill Feb 8, 2014 3:22 PM Flag

    Keep gov't out of business


    The more you can keep gov't out of private business the better off the country and the economy is. Our gov't the bulk of its duties is defense. This they are pretty good at. About 96% of federal laws and programs should be repealed. Return back to the states things that the states are responsible for.

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    • sdmiller4747 Feb 9, 2014 8:54 PM Flag

      Many on the left really have a difficult time understanding that concept. There are other economic concepts that liberals also fail to understand. Lefties in congress want to grow government while economists support a smaller government with fewer rules and regulations. Smaller government would encourage development of the private sector and consequently create more jobs. Liberals surely must have failed economics in school.

      I'm doing and economics seminar at the democratic party's Little Rock office to try to teach economics to America's communist followers. They still have difficulty with capitalism and profit motive.

    • Government employees provided a significant fraction of the development money for fracking. That's created a few jobs.

    • The Internet was created by government employees (DARPA), I think a few jobs have come from that.

    • Richard Whitcomb of NASA had a huge influence on the success of the Boeing Co.

    • Hmmm. An much better idea would be to keep big business out of government. A good starting step would be to overturn the (not so) Supreme Court ruling on Citizens United. Another good step would to find a way to fund election campaigns WITHOUT financial contributions over some relatively low dollar amount so our those politicians who are supposed to represent the people actually represent all the PEOPLE instead of a few people with deep pockets. Another good step would be to enact or strengthen the ethics rules so lobbyists cannot buy votes with gifts. ... Now before the nasty comments start, I am an independent and the problems with money and our elected government cross all parties and the complete conservative to liberal continuum.

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    • Lets test your theory.That fat government secretary has a 40k Ford car with a large lien.A small apartment that costs way too much. A stack of charge cards used to buy clothes.And a large grocery bill every month.All I see is a consumer dumping almost every dollar they get back into the economy.Your theory has failed.Now for the welfare bud.He gets food stamps,support checks and free medical.None of it has he ever paid a dime into.He sells meth and crack on the side and drives a new Cadillac .He never could get a job because the republicans sent his job and plant out of country.So now he watches tv on his 65 inch tv and laughs at you whining.He has more cash under his mattress than you will see in years.And it is all tax free.What a system!

    • Without government subsidies, tax breaks, tax incentives, a large percentages of American business would be bankrupt. Without food stamps, Medicaid and other government assistance programs, and the fed turning a blind eye to illegals, many companies would have to raise their wages because no one could afford to work there. So you see companies actually want government to stay in the business of their business. They just pay a lot of money to get the media to make it appear the other way. You see ads support the media, and you never cut off the hand that feeds you.

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