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  • wallstsharks wallstsharks Feb 22, 2014 10:44 AM Flag

    RUNWAY 11-29

    It's a runway filled with half-dead Dreamliners that are essentially a black hole for company profits, as the plans have been sitting there for years. According to, based on tax write-offs for the first handful of 787s, people believe the half-dead planes could cost as much as $400 million apiece. That's a chunk of change that adds up quickly, when considering these will never make Boeing money sitting half-completed on runway 11-29. While investors would be quick to point out the production price per airplane is much lowered now, these aircraft were built early in Boeing's project timeline at a higher cost.

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    • Seeking Alpha:
      Boeing (BA -1.1%) is struggling to find buyers for 11 of its earliest 787 Dreamliners valued at $1.1B after two airlines dropped orders for models from the jet’s troubled beginnings, according to a Bloomberg report.
      The Dreamliner ran more than three years late while Boeing worked out kinks with the carbon-fiber materials, on-board systems and a manufacturing process that relied more heavily on suppliers; the company is said to be starting upgrades on the early 787s, the last ones to be fixed, as it steps up sales efforts.
      Barring a global aerospace slump, analysts say Boeing should be able to place the reworked 787s with bargain-hunting airlines seeking twin-aisle jets to fly shorter, densely traveled routes, particularly in Asia..

    • Can you define "filled"? How many?
      I have found data saying 2 planes (ZY997 and ZY998) test planes plus L/N 1,2,3 and 6 are in storage. That makes 6. Appreciate any more info you can provide.

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      • There are nine early production planes on the runway that have not been touched for a long time. They will require a great deal of work to make them deliverable and they will have sub par performance if they do fly because of weight issues. There were more planes on the runways (actually filled Paine field to capacity which is not easy) but Boeing has slowly whittled the number down and currently is working on two of these early production planes for delivery. Four of the six test planes are in permanent storage and will never be sold, usually most of the test planes are refurbished and sold.

      • According to, Boeing has said there are more 787s than just the ones found on runway 11-29, although no specific figures were given. At $400,000,000 each it is probably an over two billion dollar loss.

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