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  • crazyhorse1786 crazyhorse1786 Mar 25, 2014 3:58 PM Flag

    Ok lets settle MH 370

    Rapid decompresion of the cabin after the co-pilot made his last call. The crew quickly desended and put in numbers in flight control to get them to the nearest runway. That would be west and then south. The pilots were too busy to make a call and feel asleep due to decompresion before the plane could reach a lower level of flight.. She flew on till she ran out of fuel ala Payne Steward. Terrorism or mehanical failure, we may never know.

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    • Suppositions have been thrown out there from this screen name. The purpose was to see what rebounded. There are Boeing operatives on this message board that are part of a misinformation campaign for the disappearance of MH370.

      Statements of the coup that took place in the United States in 1913 are true. The disappearance of MH370 was a criminal act in league with terrorists, by operatives not on-board, and looks like murder for the purpose of acquiring the intellectual property of 4 engineers, on-board, that held 80% of the patents while working for Freescale Semiconductor. These patents would revert to the parent company, Carlyle Corporation, due to these murders. You can fill in what’s missing that can’t be added due to Yahoo character limitations, 1984 char

      It’s surprising that no one else interested within the MSM has attempted to suggest this. A wild proposition was made to remotely control a pilot-less Boeing 777, which is clearly possible, and could have caused MH370 to disappear. No body wanted to touch that one. On a cost basis, that makes sense, yet it was as if an elephant had occupied the room and no one wanted to acknowledge it. That implies that there is a misinformation campaign on a number of different levels indicating that a workable idea is being ignored. The only reason for that would be that there are operatives that actually know what happened to the plane and this test scenario couldn’t be employed because it would disclose a widespread conspiracy at the highest levels if it was actually undertaken. The aircraft would make the massive search and reports of “pings” from its black box completely bogus. Interestingly the focus now has moved to the Bay of Bengal, where the same test could be done, since the search in the southern Indian Ocean has turned up nothing.

      Look up the name of Ambassador Leo Emil Wanta on the website wantarevelations DATcom to see how deep this and criminal acts by the same operatives go.

      Refute with reasons.

    • obviously security in the cockpit a concern. certainly had nothing to do with the airplane. Terrorism very likely mho. The stock will soar next qtr.

    • The following is from NEWSdetCOMdetAU:

      “Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 black box in an area 10km by 10km” (about 6-1/4 miles square), or about a slow 2 hr walk. Deployment of deep ocean submersibles soon with cameras. Other statements within indicate a location within 1km (0.62miles).

    • rapid decompression? possible, but that would also indicate a tear somewhere. at that speed would lead to more damage and a quick spiral downward. CONSIDER COMET 781.

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      • Just like anyone here who has relatively good ideas, it appears you’ve been downgraded by those (or someone) who has a need to pump up their ego in so doing. This is a rather serious matter that has engaged a number of countries trying to obtain physical evidence of MH370. There’s probably nothing that can be done with obtuse ratings. However, the TOS indicates the following:

        “If you provide any information that is untrue, inaccurate, not current or incomplete, or Yahoo has reasonable grounds to suspect that such information is untrue, inaccurate, not current or incomplete, Yahoo has the right to suspend or terminate your account and refuse any and all current or future use of the Yahoo Services (or any portion thereof).”

        There certainly has been a lot of that here.

        An interesting interview was heard. A pilot with 10’s of thousands of flight hours, and experience with both the 777 and 787 aircraft stated that lithium-ion batteries, known to have caught fire on other aircraft, could have breached the inner shell that holds in the cabin pressure resulting in near instant decompression, despite the claims of some who point to passenger and crew cabin volumes. According to him, that would have given passengers and crew seconds at 45,000 ft to recover with oxygen. Further the introduction of smoke would have reduced even further the time to remain conscious. Additionally he indicated this would not have brought the aircraft down. Aloha Airlines Flight 243, for example.

        Those who consider, by ratings or less than polite erroneous comments such an expert opinion, attempting to bolster their own by hiding behind ratings, despite their lack of verity, should be considered in violation of the TOS and have their accounts terminated. At this point in time, considering the gravity of the loss of MH370, Yahoo could easily find enough importance to stop much of the more egregious mindless commentary on this message board, ignoring the more inane on others.

    • The windshield blew out

    • It seems like the search teams may be getting closer to finding the wreckage of Malaysia Flight MH370. It will be a great day when they do; for the families who lost loved ones and for those of us who from the beginning in all probability correctly suspected what had happened. Then a list of the deniers and links to ALL their messages will be posted, by this screen name, of those who couldn’t contain themselves from their usual nasty responses, many of which claimed only THEY had a clue, or only THEY knew who did. We will then see who was impeding progress with unfounded conjectures solely out of self-importance or some damaging ulterior motive. And yes it is possible to do so within character limitations.

      One of the interesting things that happen when screen names get removed by Yahoo is that ratings also reflect some thought by those who supply them, rather than the sole motive to thumb down every one that gets posted.

      Incidentally, there was no more “guesswork” than that of anyone else proffering an opinion. It was however an educated guess, sure to be hard to believe by those that always seem to think that only THEY know who has the background to do so. Yes, some mistakes were made. But not enough to miss what the culmination of reports were leading to.

      It has been witnessed on other message boards inhabited by outrageous posts recognized as such by others that Yahoo will eventually remove them from the capability to post because of complaints related to obvious TOS violations. Or they get their head handed to them with a good dose of rationality. It certainly is needed here.

    • Part 1

      On the issue of the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, reconsideration based on recent reports of that event is as follows:

      When the plane dove from 45,000 ft (service ceiling max.43,100 ft) to a much lower one, either the plane was programmed to do so in the event of cabin pressure loss or the pilots did so manually. Either way, it seems the action was unsuccessful and passengers and crew did not survive to guide the aircraft to safety.

      See: “Missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370: New Theory Suggests Slow Decompression Left Passengers Unconscious” by Int’l Bus. Times (Likely the decompression was fast rather than slow.)

      There are reports on the service log of this aircraft that there have been cracks in the fuselage at the satellite antenna. The wiring of the antenna enters the pressurized portion of the aircraft in the vicinity of the satellite antenna. Cracks will propagate. The passenger/pilot pressure capsule experiences multiple pressure/de-pressurizations with each flight, that can lead to cracks. That’s why these aircraft have a finite lifetime and must be scrapped and replaced after a certain number of service hours, unlike unpressurized aircraft of the past such as the DC-3.

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      • Again there are problems with this hypothesis:

        1) This 777 did not have a SATCOM antenna:
        This theory may no longer be feasible as Boeing has confirmed that the MH370 777-200ER aircraft was not subject to the problems outlined in the Airworthiness Directive as it had a different layout from the 777 planes that were listed in the AD i.e. (the cracks underneath the antenna).

        2) If there was a slow decompression it would have set off visual and audible alarms in the c and the emergency oxygen system would have deployed. Happened on a 737 I was one once, I noticed my lips starting to tingle and the plane was turning around, then the masks deployed and we went to a lower altitude. Nobody passed out that I saw.

      • Part 2

        The fact that the satellite antenna could have been blown off of the aircraft during the failure could account for the strange flight path into the southern Indian Ocean and the fast descent from 45,000. Once the antenna is lost the fly-by-wire GPS capability is lost.

        What is really strange is that few major media sources are reporting this as a possible answer to the aircraft’s flight path. Obviously it would put Boeing at a liability risk for not issuing an airworthiness directive on this particular aircraft, which probably is not owned directly by Malaysia Airlines, but has a lease agreement attached to Boeing. Since this aircraft is based in Malaysia their servicing of flight MD370 might not have been per contract. Given the protests from family members of the passengers it would seem that they have become aware of possible maintenance negligence. There is a lot at stake here, both at Boeing and with officials in Malaysia to deny any culpability. This would explain a lot of the early wild explanations of what might have happened to MH370 and the continuing lack of reports on the loss of satellite communications, as stated above.

        Satellite antennae have been used on spacecraft for years, but they do not receive nearly the number of flight cycles that a modern airliner experiences. The fact that there were cracks indicates poor maintenance and poor design.

    • That's the scenario that I imagine too. I think maybe it turned west but stayed locked in that direction until the crash into the southern Indian Ocean. Hopefully, they were all asleep, unconscious and never knew what happened. God have mercy!

    • It's the most plausible mechanical cause but there are a couple of issues with it.
      The 777 has a lot of volume in the cabin which should have given the pilots time to don their oxygen masks. With the Stewart plane, a learjet with a small volume, the cabin would have decompressed much faster.
      When the plane got to 12000' the pilots should have regained consciousness (assuming the Malaysian data is correct given their track record)
      At 12000' fuel consumption is roughly double than at cruising altitude which would have made it impossible for the plane to end up southwest of Australia where the data analysis of the satellite signal indicated before it ran out of fuel, had to be at cruising altitude.

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      • Of course all is pure speculation until the flight recorders are found.

        All evidence points to decompression at high altitude with the source of the failure possibly unknown. The possibility of a rapid rather than slow decompression would not be cured by oxygen max deployment if at 45,000 ft. At that altitude loss of pressure would create gas bubbles in people’s blood streams, known by deep sea divers as "the bends”. Many aboard must have had cell phones, yet no calls issued from any of them, or from the pilot’s onboard aircraft communication systems. That indicates all were incapacitated, if they experienced hypoxia (the bends). In addition to being very painful, this condition can quickly render a person unconscious and lead rapidly to death.

        The fact that the aircraft continued on a path that was not within the flight plan indicates a problem with the fly-by-wire system, which suggests a GPS related failure.

    • Well....nice try. However the root cause of this event, like most Greek tragedies, was based on someone getting a #$%$. Throughout time it has always been about the hummer.

      Sentiment: Buy

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