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  • go4mgr go4mgr Oct 16, 2007 8:31 PM Flag

    There I am, right again, as always

    What did I tell ya? I told you that this crap would be worth less this week at this time last week. Give it another week and it will be worth less yet. Of all my predictions, when was I wrong? You don't need to listen to all that stock market fancy word lingo. Plain simple words, this appears as nothing but a dead beat outfit. I think this outfit's brain is wired up with one of their slot machine payout chips. You put dollars in with maybe a kick back of a couple pennies here and there, just enough to keep you on the hook. So that leaves two choices. One, bail out now and cut your losses or two, keep on the hook and keep loosing more. On the otherhand, you have a lot of people who loose thousands at the slots and when they hit it for a hundred, they tell everyone they won which psychologically they even think they won themselves and keep going back to loose more. My rating of this stock on a one to ten scale, I would give it about a minus four.

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    • Query why go4mgr continues to post? Or even follow the stock? He clearly doesn�t own any LACO stock (or he would have taken his own advice and sold it by now) and he offers no meaningful analysis. One can only surmise that he (1) has some ax to grind with LACO (fired employee, perhaps?); (2) is an anti-gamer trying to tank LACO's stock; or (3) works for a competitor.

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      • Hey medtech0690
        You're right part of the way. I had some of this crap and dumped it taking a pretty good hit at loosing at only 10%. Keep in mind, it's now 30% down. If anyone dings me for 10+% with no apparent and good substantial reason, I'm not going t let up on them and hope to help the next person from getting a dunging. When you asked why I keep posting, this is almost the first indication you are a company person. If my postings weren't on the board, I would say the LACO board would be somewhat vacant. Now, tell me this, do you think that if there were so many stockholders in this outfit, there would be a lot of happy campers with the way this dropped. I don't think so and neither would anyone else. So, in turn, if there are a lot of stockholders, I am sure there are a lot of very unhappy campers but where are their postings and why aren't there more different people posting negatives? Answer, it's a simple conclusion. It appears to be very obvious there are not that many stockholders in this in the first place. Now, on the other hand, how many millions of shares are there in this outfit? I would say that if I were going to do any gambling that was connected to this outfit, I believe I would have the best bet in the house if I betted that the house (or someone close related) still has the upper majority of this stock and is now trying to dump it on investors for whatever they can get out of it. Whatever they can't score one day, they will try to score a little less or whatever they can get the next making everyone think they are getting a great investment.

      • No Medtech, I'm not trying to tank the stock. This outfit is doing themselves in. Also, I do not, never did and never will work for a cap gun outfit like this. An axe to grind? You got that right! If you think it's neat to loose 30% on your investment in 3 months, you have to be a company man.
        Sounds more like you're on of those that constantly wins on the slots (ie: one of those who puts in a hundred and gets back ten and think they won).

    • You are right. I have noticed the weakness of this stock since it reached a yearly high 13.47 in May. Will we get a new low of below 8? I am almost down $20,000 on my 5000 shares since the decline but I am still ahead on my average cost. Remember the current price is post 2:1 split since the Company's inception. But I am for the long haul and will continue holding on.

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