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  • retina12345 retina12345 Jun 23, 2012 9:33 AM Flag

    Potential customer's perspective on Eylea part II

    Having posted the last message predicting Eylea's above expectations rise and made a decent profit on the stock having sold it at 130's, I am here to report on part II. Here is our experience with the first Eylea shots. I had a patient who went down to Florida and was sold Eylea (by someone who was probably long REGN). She came back north to get the second and third done. OK, here comes the details. We are supposed to fill out the Eylea qualification forms which you don't have to do for Lucentis anymore. After the form was filled out, sent to REGN and approved, we gave two Eylea shots to the patient, Medicare came back with a REJECTION. We had to attach a letter of explanation, present our receipt for purchase and HOPE AND PRAY that the two injections will be paid. If not, either I will have to eat the darn thing, or I will have a very very mad patient that I will have to squeez out 4000 dollars from...thanks to the Florida REGN guy...his Eylea got paid down there by Medicare. The REGN person says for each of the future Eylea patients, we will have to fill out the pre-approval forms, get scrutinized, submit receipts...etc with no promises of Medicare reimbursing us for the Eylea which was used for very clear case of wet AMD. Worse is that Besse (the distributor we got Eylea from) did not extend the 180 or 100 day terms promised by REGN and charged us right away. So, so far the clinic is not sitting too well with a 4000 dollar loss on our hands. Looking at the REGN profits I have made riding it from 60's to 130's, $4000 loss would have still put me in the positive. As a small retina clinic, I don't think it will take A WHOLE LOT of convincing and guarentees to get me to restart Eylea again.

    In summary, for parts of the country, physicians may still be having a lot of troubes getting reimbursed for their Eyea. Physicians don't really have the time to deal with the hassels, and potential financia losses. Guys are sitting and waiting instead of diving in deep. I did not see a dramatic improvement with my patient's wet AMD on Eylea. I wasn't given any 100 day terms and now am out 4000. So back to Avastin. I also discussed with my buddies in the large (famous) institutes and they don't seem to be very hot on Eylea as much as when Lucentis initially came out partially due to reimbursement issues and lacking any miracles seen. I don't know the role of Genentech on this (like the previous Medicare action to cut reimbursements on Avastin), but I am suspecious and feel sorry that Medicare may be influenced to activey prevent money saving drugs from being used. I am very disappointed and think there is a lot that needs to be done by REGN to up their sales to well above expectation levels. Maybe the Florida guys can do it, but not up here for next stage of the growtn. What do you think will take me to do another Eylea? I have also cut down my Lucentis injections as a response to this suspicion.

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