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  • regn727 regn727 Jan 17, 2013 3:29 PM Flag


    CMG is not going below 200 anytime soon. As indicated by recent strength, 230-260 is as low as this is going. Disagree with you there, its already down 40% from all time highs. All they have to do is increasing prices by $0.25 and everything will be much better on margins.

    Argoal what PPS was REGN when you first got shares? Just curious how early in the game you got in.

    Those stocks you mentioned seem decent, maybe ZIOP has most potential there.

    OGXI: 188m mkt cap, 90m cash, Phase 2 Prostate cancer - (could see MDVN type move)
    GALE: 120m mkt cap, 40m cash, Phase 3 HER2 Breast cancer Immunity vaccine (ARNA Type move)
    CLDX: Nice portfolio of mAB
    LPTN: 53m mkt cap, 500 mil deal with pfizer. Phase 2 assets for WET AMD (mAB discovery platform)
    CLSN: 300m mkt cap, 23 mil cash, 7 oncology indications, Phase 3 liver cancer due soon.
    INO: 97m mkt cap, Hep C, Flu and many vaccines

    All these small caps listed above have major upside if their drugs work, are approved, and commercial success. Curious to hear your take a look at those. I am currently long GALE, CLSN. Thinking about opening a position in CLDX.

    CLDX looks like it will hit $10 by May or so. They may get their cancer treatment approved without the need for Phase 3.

    I think CLSN can go to $20-30 on impressive data. GALE has probably highest upside of any biotech stock out there. I don't know any other stock that can go from $1.70 to $20+ currently.

    SGEN is intriguing 3B mkt cap with ADC mAB technology. But I don't know how much more it can grow.

    Looking for the next AMGN, REGN, CELG, PCYC, while its in the single digits. They come around once every 10-20 years. I am still long REGN into the sunset, but would be nice to find the next one sometime soon :)

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    • REGN727 - I didn't say CMG would be under $200 in the short term. I commented that I thought it would be under $200 by the end of the year. I was lucky enough to short it at $330 and then again at $360. Initially I looked like a idiot as the stock went straight to $400. I was able to hold on to the short position and added a little bit more when it started to come down. When Q3 earnings came out and it got crushed I covered the short position at $295. I was looking to short it again before the preannouncement but it never got up to my target of $320. I'm now hoping it recovers to the $310 range or so and I'll try my luck again shorting it. I just think the multiple is way to high and well compress down over the next four quarters. Good luck to you!!!

      I've been following REGN since late 2008. I didn't execute my first buy until mid-2009 at just north of $20. I started buying it heavy in 2010 and continued to buy it up until August of 2011 (last buy was in the mid $50s). I often sold out of the money blind Put options to build my position. If the stock went up or stayed flat I took the premium. If it sold off I paid for the putted stock. It actually helped to drive my average price even lower than it otherwise would have been. Since August of 2011 I have continued to sell out of the money Puts but the stock never came down far enough for me to have to buy more. I also sold out of the money Calls. However, as I had previously posted I got called away on a small piece of my position in early 2012 when the stock ran from $54 straight to $140. I couldn't believe that it never took a break. I ended up having to deliver the stock at $90 (not a great move). Thank god it was only a small position. You can't win them all. As I stated in my other posts, I have sold deep out of the money Puts and Calls that all expire in January 2014. The volatility gave me significant premiums. I expect REGN to trade between $135 and $240 this year. I'm protected well under $100 and will be make money all the way up to almost $260 (including the premiums I received).

      I'm really not an early early stage player. I play the biopharma and other healthcare fields very heavily but not really low price (

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