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  • richrusso300 richrusso300 Oct 22, 2013 1:25 PM Flag

    When a Stock Declines For No Reason

    NEVER sell. Tune out the noise of manic shorts.
    The BIG BOYZ walked this down & are now walking it up.
    It's there game, retail investors have no say.
    Never get trapped out of a great stock & never sell in a panic.
    Sit back & let the profits come to you...

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    • Rich, I have been interested in this company for some time and can never pull the trigger. How long have you been in REGN? What would be your advice for a entry point? Earnings is due 11/5 but do not know if this stock moves anticipating good news or moves after reporting. Good to see your analysis on this company and other advice. Also, I am still in KORS but likely going to sell out after the next earnings, as you know SPO's are still weighing on this stock. All the best.

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      • Anvboy, How are you doing?
        I've been in REGN for a little over a year & bought more a couple of months ago. Much better mgmt here than the self-serving mgmt of Kors.
        This is all about the near future thus the rich multiples, they have 1 blockbuster drug in the market (& they are planning to expand it's use) & another blockbuster in perhaps a year or so.
        Great pipeline & mgmt equals hansome returns.
        Earnings on 11/5 we seem to be consilidating before the earnings call. Hope you cvan get in, stock is volitile zt times but the trend is clearly upward.

        Good luck!

      • anvboy, I have had this stock for many years. I own the stock 2000 shares at $13, 800 at $35 and 700 at $56. I have been to many shareholder meetings in NY. Regn. is a very well run company with some of the top people in their field. This stock will go to $400 within the next year. So if you have the $$ buy in now and sit on it like I did. it will pay off. If this stock ever splits I would jump all over it. Regn. will either be bought out or merge with another top dog in a few years. So buying in now, even at this price is a good move. One thing this stock can and will go up $10-15 easy in 1 week or down the same amount. So try to catch it on the down for a better price, like today it closed $4+ down. The next earnings will be good so buy before 11/7. Good luck

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Great comments.God bless you.

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