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  • agutexas agutexas Nov 5, 2013 6:37 PM Flag

    Mad Money Interview

    Does anybody have a link or transcript of the Mad Money Interview today w/ REGN?


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    • So The Street has the CEO on Cramer's show and he pumped it after the interview. Now today, they downgrade the stock afterwards. #$%$!

    • look at regeneron go. here's a biotech stock, one of the four horse men of the big pharma
      apocalypse that seems unstoppable to me. just reported this morning the company shot the
      lights out. truly stunning numbers. 52-cent earnings beat, 52-cent earnings beat off 1.88
      basis. revenues that rose 39.6% year-over-year. biggest beat of the quarter, biggest beat
      of the year. what's more, we heard a lot of chatter about regeneron's big block buster
      degeneration drug. which could potentially sell the turbo charged growth. what happens,
      once again the numbers are phenomenal. linked quarter with management raising their
      sales forecast and announcing they've asked the fda for approval for a new indication
      diabetic mac -- no matter how well the stock goes, it seems wall street can't get the
      collective head around the scale of the opportunity here. stock has given you a 65% gain
      since we last spoke to the ceo back in january, may be the best call in the history of mad
      money when i initially recommended regeneron trading at $5 back in 2005 after one of our
      earliest c.o. interviews. 5,995% gain, if you invested $1,000 in regeneron, it's $60,000. let's
      go back into the well with the ceo of regeneron pharmaceuticals, learn more about the
      quarter and learn what's next for his business. welcome back to mad money. thanks, jim.
      thanks for being here. welcome in on a big day. this was a beautiful play, this conference
      call because you started off with the 49% increase. but this diabetic edema, you're saying
      570,000 people need and want this drug. well, it's a big opportunity. look, for us, regeneron,
      this was a big quarter and it's kind of rare in this business that every aspect of your
      business is working. right. we've got a true blockbuster, already done in the first nine
      months of the year, $1 billion in the u.s. selling the product well outside of the united states.
      you said it's in the early stages the term you used. early stages of this drug. just this week.
      we got pricing in franc

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      • Shorting does not work. But with this one I added a bit yesterday. Its such a natural for this.

      • so they haven't even launched in france, which is a big opportunity.
        it's in the early stages outside the united states. but a lot of opportunities to grow in the
        united states. okay. now you've got the name for it now. you're talking about a gigantic
        lowering of the bad cholesterol drug. others claim they're there. are you -- you on this call
        say you were ahead of them and this could be the next big regeneron drug. well,
        cholesterol lowering we know is an important part of any strategy to reduce cardiovascular
        disease. we think this new class of investigational drugs has the potential to add to that.
        there's lots of patients, people who have intolerants, people who can't get to go and there's
        room for competitors, we're going as fast as we can, but there's competition. just this past
        week, pfizer came out and said they're throwing their hat? . that's what i was going to ask
        you about. they said, come on, man, you like this regeneron, we're pfizer. we've got sanofi
        which is a great partner. so i think we're going to do pretty well. explain to people how you
        can spend a lot of money in r & d like many other companies -- you're being reimbursed by
        a large company. sure. we have a very strong partnership where sanofi is spending a lot of
        money on our programs. but we said in this call, we're going to spend more of our own
        money. after we get this 20% -- we have this 20% responsibility once we have a positive
        phase 3. we're going to be spending more of our own money, that's going to go up, but we
        have a lot of good things to spend it on. you picked up the cholesterol drug early. i know, i
        can't take the darn stat statents. we should get you in one of our clinical trials. do it. i don't
        have any with me. however, there's another drug that you can get in on early in terms of
        investigational product. that's our drug to treat asthma, hopefully, and eczema. how can
        that do both? i thought it was a typo. right. these drugs are linked because they are part of11/5/13 Video Tran

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