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Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Message Board

  • Cyndy_R_R Cyndy_R_R Mar 23, 1999 1:00 PM Flag


    Impotent! No, REGN is not working on a treatment
    for impotence. REGN managers need one. They are
    impotent. I have been in the biotech industry since the
    early days of Genentech, and I have never seen a
    management team that is so blind and incompetent.

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    • 1) re: Hype--yes the comment about buying 100,000
      shares at under 7 sounds like hype.

      2) re: recent
      lows--yes it did go in the shitter but the other comments
      are proper--go back, follow the stock for a year, it
      usually drops below 7 but not always as low as 6, as
      volume drops off, then one day, boom, its up 1-1/2 or 2

      3) re: Amgen, P&G etc....these companyies have so
      much money that they simply spread their bets. They
      only need one big hit so if 19 well's are dry but one
      is a new field, a gusher--its worth it. My guess is
      they put their money where the resumes were, but
      that's no guarantee of success. Is the REGN staff
      top-flight, cutting edge, or used to be's? What are they
      doing lately???

      Bottom line, its a crapshoot.

    • I would use this as a rolling stock - Buy at $6 Sell at $8. This strategy will make some money. It's just too bad it doesn't roll more often

    • No Risk - No Reward on this stock

    • Message boards are not a great place to formulate an opinion on a stock. Do your homework on this one and remember rewards are proportional to risks.

    • A friend of mine told me he had just invested in
      this dog about a month ago. Just got back froma trip,
      and decided to look it up. On March 18, the price was
      between 7 5/8 and 8, and these last 2 hypsters on this
      board were talking you guys into, "Boy, this is a great
      buy around 7." Today, after an up day, it's at 5 3/4.
      If that isn't evidence about the hypsters that say,
      "I'll load up a 100,000 shares around 7, what is? Take
      your losses and get out. How many dogs like this have
      I got rid of in the last month, and put my bucks
      into something that's got positive earnings.


    • I checked my records. My first swing trade in
      January 99 was for 7.94 and 8 a share with a basis of 6
      3/4. Should be a good position for your client. My
      target is 8 to 8 1/4 in two weeks. Any more information
      would be appreciated.

    • I checked my records. My first swing trade in January 99 was for 7.94 and 8 a share with a basis of 6 3/4. Should be a good position for your client. My target is 8 to 8 1/4.

    • message. Also the question a while back about why the cfo doesn't own more shares than he does.

      • 1 Reply to sam_spayed
      • I am not an employee and own only a couple of
        thousand shares - bought mostly in high 6's to mid 7's.
        However, the CFO, Murray Goldberg has only been there
        since late 1995 and perhaps has just begun to exercise
        some of the options he got back then. I do recall a
        while back on the insider trading him selling some
        shares, but don't remember how many.

        Lubetkin, who
        is Chief Counsel, according to the insider into on
        Yahoo, always seems to sell at the right time. He sure
        has sold a lot of shares, but since he is there
        almost nine years I wonder how many he still

        Last year Vagelos and Schleifer put their wallets
        where their mouths are and each purchased $375,000
        worth and unitl last week
        their was a listing under
        insiders where Vagelos exercised options and bought a ton
        of shares. But now it's gone. Does anybody know why?
        Did he actually purchase the shares or ultimately
        decide not to exercise the options at this

        I do have to agree with the posting about P&G,
        Amgen and Merck knowing something and that's why I
        continue to hold my shares.

    • (1)AMGEN heavily invested here
      (2) P & G
      heavily invested here +etc...

      Do you think these
      Co know what they are doing?

      3 Noble Prize
      winners in Management, i could go on & on but
      incompetence sounds like its on your side of the fence to


    • Great posting now that I bought another 2000 at 7. Every dog has it's day.

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