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  • Networthdev Networthdev Sep 4, 1999 4:36 PM Flag

    Annual Meeting

    I read the press release to say that at low doses
    they don't see the side effects they see at high doses
    and do still get the desired weight loss. P&G is a
    cautious old line company that very carefully guards its
    image. For them to be directly associated with a drug
    that might produce "herpes cold sores " God forbid.
    The mgr. that let that happen would have no career
    and AVON
    would have a field day as they did with
    the old P&G logo and the devil worship issue. The
    drug may not have the block buster
    potential to get P&G to see past the risk. However, maybe
    they have left not insignificant revenue on the table
    REGN to make. P&G owns 16% of REGN and wants
    them to be successful. This way they cut direct ties
    to the drug and help
    REGN who does not have the
    image issue to worry about, yet.

    From the press
    "The multiple dose study (daily administration for 14
    days) was conducted at doses that were well tolerated
    in the single dose
    part of the study. Nine
    patients and four placebo patients have been completed to
    date with no reports of nausea, vomiting,
    cough, or
    herpes cold sores. The treated patients lost weight and
    had decreased food (caloric) intake compared with
    those on
    placebo. ``The initial efficacy results are
    encouraging but need to be confirmed in our planned Phase II
    study, which will include
    more patients who will
    receive AXOKINE for a significantly longer period of
    time,'' said P. Roy Vagelos, M.D.,
    Chairman of the Board."

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