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  • golfiscool_2 golfiscool_2 Jul 17, 2008 9:01 PM Flag

    Newsweek Article AQQ maybe worth 200-300U SD


    Take a good look at this company. You might not find this kind of real estate value ANYWHERE in America today.


    This is what is making the price go up. This is why management is buying up all the shares they can!!!!

    AQQ bought up a tremendous amount of Houston's commercial properties real estate values plunged with the failure of Enron.

    Today it has become the "Silicon Valley" for the global energy industry. During the tech boom real estate in Silicon Valley skyrocketed because executives and employees were being paid very well and Companies were getting billions of dollars from investors and there wasn't enough commercial or residential space to squeeze everyone in.

    Today real estate values in Houston are appreciating rapidly because a similar boom is occuring. However, the difference between the tech boon and oil boom is that many of these natural resource companies are actually making $$$.

    Commercial inventory is probably shrinking and to make things worse, builders are probably not building because they either don't have the ability to get financing or are just too pessimistic to jump into any construction right now. Double Wammy!!

    AQQ bought their properties when no one cared for them it should definitely be worth much much much more. If they havn't already, commercial properties are going to fill up and rents will rise. This means profits and a rise in asset value for the company.

    I think a market cap of $300-600 million is not unreasonable. With only 1.4 million shares outstanding thats $200-$300 PPS +-......

    GO AQQ!!!