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  • stockinvestor2000 stockinvestor2000 Mar 31, 2004 10:29 AM Flag

    Don't say I didn't warn you!

    Where are the morons that were arguing with me a couple of months ago about this stock, with the silly argument that the company could grow its way out of trouble by boosting sales while all the while keeping costs constant or lower?

    I tried to explain to you how out of touch with reality such thinking was, but you kept insisting, pushing your agenda of attempting to hype the stock, rather than really trying to look, listen and learn so that you could make an investment decision based on reasonable assumptions and an understanding of the facts.

    It was not so much because of the reality of the numbers as it was the sharp "january effect" increase in the stock and the nature of the people that were buying and hyping the stock that convinced me that then was the right time to reestablish my short position in the stock.

    You should have listened to reason. It would have saved you some money and prevented me from making such an easy and quick profit. Thes boards could be a tool to help people make good investment decisions if only people would use them for that purpose.

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    • Guys, I'm awfully tired of listening to you armchair generals get off on your prowess at speculating.

      For the past 30 years I've watched your greed and the greed of senior U.S. company officials sytematically take apart the industrial prowess that was once this country's sovereign claim.

      You, know, while you're laughing and calling each other names, thousands of competent workers, managers, sales, marketing and research professionals are watching you other "stakeholders" gut their work and the work of their predecessors, under the guise of "unlocking a company's value".

      I like money as much as the rest of you, but now I long for the return of the privately-held company that is free to make smart, long-term decisions, find markets, develop products and services, and sell them for justly-earned profits.

      This legalized piracy by all the rest of you is not only sickening, but more than a touch treasonous.

      So ends the diatribe. You can go back to sucking our blood again...

    • >> Where are the morons blah blah blah gas gas gas It would have saved you some money and prevented me from making such an easy and quick profit.

      Fuck off, you old windbag. The argument is still valid. Besides, losing occasionally is the nature of high risk, high return investing. Ask the VC's. Oh, but I forgot, you never lose money.

      BTW, I made a 59% return ($14988.39) on my investment between 12/22/03 and 3/8/04.

      Don't bother replying. You're ignored.

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      • These responses just prove my point. No one is here to listen, just to push an agenda and attack anyone who disagrees, without regard to whether or not they are right or better informed.

        Those who made money on the short term move in January simply got lucky. Keep investing that way if you like, but over the long term, you are going to get the gambling-like results that such an approach deserves. I wouldn't be bragging about making a lucky profit in this stock when it was clearly trading on fumes, I'd just be thankful that I didn't get my head handed to me and quietly take the money and run.

    • No one cares one itota what you think, fella. No one is trying to impress you at all. I've made money on BK stocks before, and I will do it again. You warned me that there might be some opportunity in this stock, that's about the only warning that you were able to send.

    • Exactly how did you reestablish a short position in a stock at 3.00 a share? Ameritrade does not allow, per sec rules, shorting of stocks below 5.00. I would have jumped on the head fake move to 3.00 if I could have shorted some at that price.

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