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    • I think you bring out some good points. I am at a point where I can do a couple of things I just need to draw up some goals and see what the best way to get there while maintaining my risk tolernace .

    • csold what u think about my diversity ideas safe but not potent enough 4 u?

    • thanks

    • Stranger things have happened. I am not saying it will you seem to be in tune with the Chinese internet market . I am still learning on the fly.

      I am just impressed with the good information that people share and I would rather deal with people who have something intelligent to say.

    • if it goes to 27 is the ? it will not unless an overall correction of china net on monday or some time next week.

    • Habe no idea what you wrote means?

    • if is the?

    • HHE33,

      That what i was planning to do. I have made some $$$ in other stocks. I am not saying like crazy money like Chicago or Chinagorilla but for me it was a very good profit. I bought YOKU at 27.5 and sold it at 50. Of course then YOKU moves to like 64 , so I am saying GREAT!!!!!!

      But you never look back and say waht if.... you make the best possible decision at the time with the facts you have and that is it. You will go NUTS if you second guess things.

      If QIHU goes under 27 or lower I am definitley buying more.

    • Hey Chinagorilla,

      What is your take on this article?

      I have cut and pasted the part that only pertains to Qihoo under the link that you see below. If you want to read about all three stocks that they mention just click on the link below.

      Browsing for a better deal
      How do you monetize something free? China's newly public Qihoo 360 Technology gives away its Internet browser, but apparently makes quite a bit of cash from advertising, as well as adjunct offerings such as antivirus software, online games, and other Web-related services. Revenue soared 79% last year, no doubt resulting from Qihoo's better-than-85% Chinese user penetration rate. It's the second most popular browser behind Internet Explorer.

      We can probably expect Microsoft's lead to evaporate soon enough. Just as Baidu (Nasdaq: BIDU) has gargantuan share over Google (Nasdaq: GOOG) in Chinese search, it's likely that local users will assert a parochial preference for a Chinese browser company. The situations aren't completely analogous, since browsers themselves don't have to address the censorship issues that plagued Google in China, but the home-field advantage likely means something.

      Qihoo's IPO last week was priced at $14 a share, but the stock opened at $27 and closed the day at $34. It sure seems like the company's underwriters left a lot of money on the table for Qihoo.

      Though Qihoo just went public, it has already attracted picks from more than 50 CAPS members, underscoring how popular Chinese investments remain, despite numerous accounts of deceptive stocks in other segments of the country's market. With 18% of CAPS members who've rated the browser company expecting it to underperform the market, our community's at least showing some degree of caution, though its hesitation is probably related to valuation at the moment.

      Browse the Qihoo 360 Technology CAPS page and let us know whether you think if, at a market cap of $3.8 billion, it's really worth the price.


      Sentiment : Strong Buy

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      • Looks like Motley Fool believes, as I do, that Qihoo's Safe Browser will be the #1 Internet browser in China. How much is the #1 status in the browser war worth? Hard to say, but if Mozilla Firefox's past estimated valuation is any indication, I would say at least $5 or $6 billion. But Firefox does not have a portal like personal startup page like Qihoo. Qihoo 360′s “Personal Start-up Page,” acts as a content portal and gives Qihoo a platform to promote its other services. So Qihoo has the potential to control the internet portal (content) market as well.

        But that's not even what is the most attractive part of the Qihoo's story. I think the mobile market holds a much greater potential, especially as China starts to roll out 4G and iPhone proliferates.

        Like I said, Zhou wants to dominate access and security to Internet, and monetize by providing rich content.

        Time will tell, but I really believe we're at the beginning of the ride. I have 12,000 shares of Qihoo, 10k long term and trading with 2,000 shares. Will ride 10K to triple digits or $0. 10 yrs from now, I could be extremely rich or poor, but either way, it will be an interesting ride.

        Renren IPO will be another company that I'll overweight and invest heavily. Will post my view and analysis when it starts trading.

    • Thank you China Gorilla

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