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  • hewhaaa hewhaaa Aug 15, 2012 1:55 PM Flag

    Matt Berry Again

    Once again Matt Berry has come up with a shocking negative 'news' story in an attempt to drive the price of QIHU down. Matt, you claim this is a 'news', yet you referred to the same alleged fraud when you responded to me back on August 7th. If you knew about such a shocking story a week ago, why did you wait until today to write an article on Seeking Alpha? Could it be that the stock is rising and is on the brink of a massive short squeeze before earnings? Why now? Also, how old are these blog postings from China? I remember a similar story over a year ago, yet today it is 'news'?
    Once again, you claim clear fraud. Where? Are you saying that there aren't any potential security breaches in Windows? That is the purpose of anti-virus/security software. I don't know the exact translation of any ads they posted, but the clear intent of downloading anti-virus software is to avoid threats. Does Microsoft have a trademark on any file that begins with the letters KB? Again a very weak argument for something you claim is so clear cut. Bottom line, Microsoft has a whole city of lawyers that would love to slap a suit against their competitors. If anyone believed there was an issue, it would be them, and they have the legal intelligence and the resources to determine if there was even the slightest wrongdoing. Microsoft is a predator when it comes to lawsuits with the competition. They can't compete with their own products, so they try to win battles in the courtroom instead of the store shelves. Why is there no lawsuit from microsoft? Because there is no issue, no wrongdoing, no fraud.
    You have stepped to new lows. You are now citing posts on blogs as legal references and verified news sources. I could write a blog saying you are an alien with a tail. Does that make it true? Of course not (or at least I hope not). Why anybody would continue listening to you is beyond me. You are the 'boy who cried wolf', and it has been going on for too long.
    I hope you are over 18 with a nice house and car & assets because sooner or later your attempted manipulation of QIHU stock will come back to bite you with a lawsuit. Unfortunately, I would guess you are in high school. Go have mommy make some hot cocoa for you, listen to some music on your Zune player, and chill out. Cover your short position of a whoppping 10 shares and move on.
    One of us will be right and one will be wrong. Time will tell. I met a student fresh from China a few weeks ago. I asked her what she thought of QIHU 360. I explained how motivated shorts are making all sorts of alleged claims against the company. She said definitely hold onto the stock. It is a very popular browser and most everyone she knows is using it. I trust this stranger's opinion more than your investigative reports.

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