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  • sfbizman2002 sfbizman2002 Aug 15, 2012 2:42 PM Flag

    Matt Berry Again

    this company is a fraud plain and simple, if you dont believe Matt, read the report at or read Andy Left's report at Citron rather than the babble produced by Wall St. The way to tell if a Chinese company is honest is if they ever MISS A QUARTER. When these guys report next week they will beat, beat beat. All of the numbers will be super just like always. It's easy when you make them up. Hongyi Zhou has perpetrated lots of frauds this is just his latest.

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    • "this company is a fraud plain and simple" - This is a very slanderous statement without any proof. Have they been convicted of this blatant fraud?
      I will trust any source that doesn't have a vested interest in profiting from the stock dropping (i.e., someone without a short position). I trust sources who are willing to put their name next to their statements (not 'Anonymous Analytics' - who is to say Matt Berry didn't anonymously post the same banter on this website?). I will trust someone that can support their premise with confirmed facts, not blog fodder. I have an open mind, but give me an argument that is at least based on substance.
      At this point, regardless of the real facts, there is such a massive short position that a squeeze is almost inevitable. Shorts like Matt have created this environment, and at a certain point, they will be crushed by it. Its like a wound up spring waiting to let loose and fly back in their faces.

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      • I find it very interesting - the report posted on Anonymous Anayltics is very similar to the Citron report. VERY Similar. The wording is very similar, maybe even the same. I think if this organization was really made up of hackers, this is not the type of smoking gun information I would expect them to find. This seems more like inferences made by someone from the outside (trying to guess what the comapny metrics are, rather than hacking in and knowing exactly what they are). Would a hacker hack into a corporate server and find information about the history of the CEO hidden in emails? Of course not. Would a corporate computer server contain estimates of their own web traffic, or other metrics? Of course not (it would contain exact numbers, not estimates).
        While this report may appear to fall under the guise of a different organization (a group of internet hackers), it really appears to be the same report that Citron put out months ago. There is nothing new in this report. If I went back to the original Citron report, I would expect to the same topics stated word for word exactly as they appeared in the original report. Next time don't be so lazy - at least re-write the report to make it appear as if came from an independent source. Did you copy your homework word-for-word when you were in grade school?

    • Brilliant shorties. Hanging on what citreon said and do not know how to think.

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