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  • ryugo82 ryugo82 Jan 17, 2013 2:46 AM Flag

    just a question about the anonymous website that was attacking qihu

    also why no link to the real anon forums so they can look at other issues besides stock trading.

    thinking like anon they would care very much about the other aspects of the world besides investing.

    very very strange indeed.

    anon is an idea a way of thinking after all. I would expect anon anylystics to at least concern himself/herself with other things besides shorting china stocks.

    as such I conclude this anonanalytics is set up by the china shorts rather than one that targets all frauds.

    hence conclusion anonanalytics = setup by frauds.
    beware eventually they will get more wrong.

    I cant believe people did not notice and spam praise for this website.
    1 china stock fine but many in a row. then their mannerisms that make them anon is non existent except maybe the picture.

    the quotes dont carry the same flair and are all wrong. it just doesn't feel anon.

    the disclaimer smells like a hedge fund typed up and doesn't smell or feel anything like anon. he is treating it too much like a business instead of exposing corruption in the disclaimer...

    sorry anon doesn't use disclaimers because they wont get caught or care if they get caught.
    these guys really sound like

    hedge funds. trying to use anon name.

    anyway if they do good fine but if they do bad,
    they better not say they are anon I am on to them.

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