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  • thebottomlime thebottomlime Aug 27, 2013 9:04 PM Flag

    This cash raising is good for the company to aid expansion

    and its takeover of the web. Stock should go up tomorrow when inst. trade.
    Weak hands selling tonight-- not understanding the real picture. After hours mkt means nothing.

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    • look at the 1-month S&P500 vs 1 month QiHU or any other index for that matter

      #1 S&P500 began the more obvious correction middle of August when QiHU was tanking @ $63n change, and the only reason for the huge move up was for the short covering from the mobile search penetration (most were thinking of a crash straight through the 50mda), so it's not like the stock is repriced up here from frugal buyers and long term base building (remember when TZOO tanked after Cramer's pump job)

      #2 earnings wasn't blow out at all, and +.26eps adjusted was "in-line", so just look at what happened to CREE after posting "in-line" numbers (although lower guidance), yet again QiHU soars (be mindful that S&P500 corrected back up for most of this day, yet broke down big at the end of day and that's when QiHU management (the Chinese government perse has run dry) probably decided to raise cash while things are still above the 200mda.

      #3 volume have been the lowest (Aug22-26) seen in 60days on any interval (yesterday Aug26th was almost like July3rd before a holiday), and the past week (not Tuesday Aug27th) the lowest 3-day interval accumulated volume seen in 1.5yrs (only Dec20th before X-Mas 2012 fiscal cliff was similar). The last 2 weeks volume is the lowest volume in 2years for any 2 week interval. In fact its the lowest 2 weeks of volume looking at 2yrs, 3yrs, 4yrs, 5yrs. Only August 2005 (8yrs ago) had such anemic volume.

      #4 no trust China since Sino-Forest was the 1st reverse take over to enter North American markets (1997 no less) and continued to be a scam (yet the Canadian & USA regulators downplay it) with domestic bankers pumping the senior notes, and 2ndaries. Government officials take ZERO responsibility. QiHU anti-virus is much like the 1000s of free anti-spyware available all over the net. Some users have QiHU products installed and don't even realize it.

      #5 we breached the 50day & 100day mda lines for the major S&P500 index

      it's you vs USA gov't & China gov't = glta

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      • chrisofmel Aug 27, 2013 11:24 PM Flag

        earnings wasn't blow out at all, and +.26eps adjusted was "in-line", say what? lol learn how to read a report. they indeed beat the .26 all the analyst had .26 non gap. that's to funny you can't accept and understand , but other then that you brought some other points to consider short term but. in terms of volume the whole market has been trading very low volumes like every year at end of summer.

    • I really think QIHU is a scam of a company. They own Anti-Virus software, Browser and a bag of sand. I don't believe that their Search will do anyting meaningful. They probably have gaming. The CEO is a blow-hard. I would not trust this company. I would much prefer BIDU with over a Billion in revenue each quarter and a much smarter CEO in Robin Li. Just follow the management. I would not be surprised to see this go back to the mid 30's.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • I hope so but the timing is very suspicious.

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