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  • mi_am_i mi_am_i Oct 17, 2007 3:22 PM Flag

    Any thoughts

    on the $15 million Private Placement.
    Does that mean the new investors have some confidence that this Quick Start Program may work?

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    • Its probably another hedge fund coming along to manipulate the price, remember what USAT did after SAC bought?

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      • That probably accounts for the recent fall too. This is what these funds do- they accumulate get a modest amount of shares then keep unloading to drive down the price so they can pick up a much larger amount of shares at the deflated price. Than word gets out that so and so just bought a stake in this company and the price shoots up. Then the fund dumps their shares or starts selling in blocks to start the cycle over again. Works best with money-losing micro cap junk stocks.

    • Who knows. Today the market likes it. Tomorrow? When the buyer becomes a seller? Or shorts against his shares? Who the hell knows.

      USAT is buying e-Ports against what? Existing orders? On spec? The intimation is that they have orders. Ask HQ and tell us what you found out.

      As was pointed out, at $25/month, USAT isn't going to get rich. But anything is better than nothing. If they have to seed for break even, seed for break even. Whatever it takes to get market share.

      Shareholders are not breaking even. Our shares are diluted.

      A couple weeks of massive volume, a good return in stock price, and a concomitant large reduction in the short position--announced after the close on 10/24--will calm me down.

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