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  • bigbucksfreddy bigbucksfreddy Jun 19, 2008 4:07 PM Flag

    Cheerleaders vanished into thin air

    Along with a good amount of their gains today. Cash, limo, whore, where are you guys?? LOL!!! I thought it would go up forever. Technicals don't apply here right? How's life in the slaughter house. Scary? It should be. Sweet dreams tonight.

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    • nicely said, lillie. Meanwhile your "precious, never dropping, only going higher, pig is getting slaughtered! Will you be my friend??
      BTW: My mother passed away years ago.

    • Hey big frikin bucks, you are the biggest moran on any board I am on. Do yourself a favor, and get a life. I can imagine what you must be like, ugly as hell, sitting in some apartment , nobody likes you or loves you(not even your Mom), who could with your attitude? I´ll bet you face looks like it was picked with an ice pick, you have no friends, you just want to bathe in your on miserable existence. You want to get sarcasic here, do it, I majored in Bitcholgy and I can chew you up and spit you out. Now shut the hell up and stay off our board, you fricken looser. Give us a chance to have our dreams without your nasty ass remarks.

    • What do you want me to answer Freddy? I have two more stops in at $48.50 and $46.72 - after that the position left would be all made of "free money" - I would probably then transfer that to my long term portfolio and move my gains and the principle into other ST trades....while we might bust through $48.50 intraday tomorrow or Monday (even though I don't personally think so) I doubt the $46 will get hit before we turn around and make new highs -

      What price are you going to buy back in? Oh, wait...or should I say "cover" your shorts (yeah, right)....

    • Thanks for avoiding all of my direct questions. You just proved your worth around here. I think I hear the ice cream truck. Muster up some of your 100% gains and go get yourself a nice little soft serve little boy.

    • Freddy - you are too funny - nothing like a disgruntled ex long who got out too early pretending to be short in the hopes that the stock will fall so they can buy back in - I see right through you. So if I am a major moron, the you must be Col. moron. sir,yes,sir!!! LOL!!!!

    • Examples please of when I called a top? You are a major moron. Yes, I trade. And yes, I bought SQM for a quick gain. Now I am short. I trade. Get it dumbo? But please, I encourage you to give examples of my calling a top every .50 every day as you put it, jackass. LOL!!!
      And BTW, what are your stops on your remaining "100% gain". I would like to personally cheer every time another one is take out over the next few days!

    • Slaughterhouse??? LOL - Down $2 today and still up $7 since Monday - Slaughterhouse??? what stock are you watching???

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