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  • sendit2andyc sendit2andyc Jun 20, 2008 11:33 AM Flag

    Just crossed an important technical $52

    My friends high 40's are a thing of the past.

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    • Limo,
      I will be cuddleing this stock for at least a year, I am sure others will be too. Have a great vacation. I just got back from the USA, great to see HOME again, and then I see BBF chiming in on our sweet little board, a few days after I got back here.

    • Limo,
      Thanks, I kind of figured that out though, but thanks for the warning. I´ll cool it off now. And sorry to all who were offended by my posts. I am usually a nice girl, but as you can see, I don´t like someone who abuses. PS your not stupid, if that was the case then I would be also. Cheers from South America!!!!
      "¡Que Dios le bendiga!"

    • Oh, that's right. I forgot we live in Communist China. Give me a break, limo! You got jagoffs like your pal 69 spouting criminal hate slurs and you're trying to come down on BigBucks? Yes, you are brain dead.

      Liillie...I like you. You're fun. Just stay away from the moron crew. Good luck with your position.

      Limo, what's it going to be like when I cover in the low 40's and go long? Just think we'll be on the same side! Can't wait!!

    • Hey BBPF(Big Bucks Pendijo Freddy). You know all my instincts tell me to ignore your sorry, ugly CULO. However, you are making my day, and I am having a blast. Tell me besides trying to upset some on this board(it would be a cold day in hell before you could get to me), what do you do with your spare time except annoy folks? Oh Yes, I can see you now, wanting a friend so bad but nobody can stand your fat culo/bi polar, on lITHIUM self. Tell me are you on rage today, are you in the high mood swing, cannot sit still mode of Bi polarness? I´ll bet you have to glue your fingers to the keyboard, cause you cannot control yourself. BBPF(thats my new nick name for you), go see your shrink, discuss Lilliebelle if you wish, that´s my dog´s name. I told you before BBPF, I can chew you up and spit you out in a heart beat. Go bother some other board and please for the sake of your loving deceased Mother, don´t forget your dosage of Lithium. I can hear her calling "BBPF, sweetie, please take your meds and leave everyone in peace, or move to another planet".

    • Homophobe much? What if I'm African American? You going to make some slur on that too? Pathetic moron. Nice hate crime action pal. I believe you should pay attention to your ip address that is prominently displayed at the top of the page. Pretty much your address, douche bag. So keep your sophomoric thoughts on the legal side.

    • Now, Now Pendijo!(bet you googled that or called a Latino friend) PS means something different in just about all Latin American countries. Don´t get your panties all twisted up here. Just because some of us are staying with SQM doesn´t mean we are stupid , we see pormise in the future and do not want to pay short cap. gains. See we probably bought way lower than you did. You know you are sounding more like you are Bi Polar by the minute, why not take some Lithium, snort the crap, pump it in your veins for Christs sake. You made enough so you say off SQM that has Lithium. I don´t eat cookies much, but I´ll bet you are going through boxes of them, while you are madly posting on this board, and snorting Lithium. Then you hit the gym to work it off and top it with a night out at the Vine, don´t you know Lithium and Booze don´t mix. Go, and talk to your self in front of a mirror, we don´t need your sorry culo on this board. As a matter of fact, your showing your sorry CULO to the whole world, and it´s one ugly Culo.

    • Limo, put him on ignore. Don't waste your time even reading his crap. He's bitter because he missed the ride from upper 30's and probly feels like a fool, so he talks trash to anyone who has made money going long.

    • Sadness actually bullish for lithium...Big Pharma should be all over this company with DOW minus 200+.

    • Good for you. You want a galleta? Amazing how someone can be so intelligent, what with the 4 language skills, and yet have such little knowledge of the stock market. Here's an idea; you and limo should get together and watch TCM today - I think they are doing a Shirley Temple marathon. How fun! You can watch little Shirley battle the negative naysayers with a smile and a song. You'll feel so much better! I'm rooting for you two - depression is ugly.

    • Poor, limo...I just laid out nice ideas for you to deal with your depression. I'm only trying to help - really. Don't be sad, come on, put on a smile! I can see those corners cracking, come on, you can do it. There! Doesn't that feel better? I sure hope you don't report me for being a nice guy - that would be sad. We don't want any more sadness here today, do we?

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