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  • dbergh1 dbergh1 Jul 23, 2008 3:11 PM Flag

    I see

    Hey win all the Banks were giving out loons to
    Any one LITERALLY any one where were the people
    To stop it from happening???

    Please don’t say that they, could not see it coming win you have a
    A bathroom monitor buying a $600. K home.
    A 24 year old kid is 2,2 Mil in debt trying to flip homes

    Right know we do have an oil problem it was coming in 1970
    But what did WE do make BIGER vehicles
    Look at China & India ‘s population
    CHINA’S Population: 1,321,851,888 July 2007
    INDIA’S Population 1,129,866,154 July 2007
    USA ‘S Population 301,139,947 July 2007
    These people want to live something like US
    China’s car sales is 24000 new drivers a day
    And we are trying to make Gas out of CORN
    Do not like the looks of a Wind Energy Farms
    Nuclear power plants are no good
    Solar panels for one house is $50.000

    We have a Child Rapist what do we do
    Put him in Jail then relocate him
    Right next a grammar school.
    I’m talking a child less than 10 years old or SO

    Hurricane Katrina
    We new that the water dams were under built
    That one out of 3 the major water pumps did not work
    And are energy source is locater there
    Not to say any thing about all the people that lost every thing
    And their lives

    And we celebrate a slave trader and say that He found America
    Christopher Columbus.

    Pay a Rock Star - Athlete - Movie star Millions for one DAY
    Pay a School Teacher - Police Officer - Fire Fighter FOR ONE DAY

    And so, on & so, on
    Do you see a pattern?

    I’m Done

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