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  • q45mm q45mm Mar 8, 2012 5:21 PM Flag

    dividend and spo

    Do you take your profit now before the dividend or do you wait ,till you wait for spo or do you sell and take the profit.what the hell do you really do,wait till it hits 24.00 and then cash in and then wait for spo.if the spo dont happen then you are looking stupid.

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    • yes sir, I stayed in one too....another nice place and has a nice bar as well....

      another fabulous place is in cabos san lucas mex. The Parmeira....once the prez palace....absolutely the best!

      Rio del mar in puerto rico another one!

      must get back to each one.....glty

    • I have been to the Biltmore for drinks, but have never stayed there before. Anyone reading this who hasn't seen it, go to their web site. It was designed by a disciple of Frank Lloyd Wright [remember he had a big compound in Phoenix called Taliesin], and is quite unique.

      Another good one is The Phoenician. We stayed in one of their casitas across the lawn from the adult pool ... walk out the patio door, and it's a 100 feet. Private entrance to the room also.

    • just luv the biltmore.....great place...stayed there several times....but i think i satyed in every hotel in scottsdale several times as well.....phx is a great place to golf/eat/relax....

    • When MTGE unexpectedly hit $24.20, I sold as much of the 15,000 shares as the volume would take at $24.20 [6,700+ shares]. Today, the pps unexpectedly went down, so I bought back 1,700+ shares at $23.18, and locked in the divy on that. I still have the proceeds of the other 5,000 shares which I am holding in case the price looks good after an SPO.

      Jamaica is 2013. This year, we're going to Enchantment Resort in Sedona, AZ, and will enjoy their world-class spa. We're hosting a group of 8 people for 5 days, then Jean and I are going to spend 3 additional days at the Arizona Biltmore to recover. Should be fun.

    • >>So the premium should have been 6.00 - .80 + .39 = 5.59>>

      Should have read 6.00 - .80 - .39 = 4.81. So the option was trading at a premium at 5.60.

      Sorry for any confusion.

    • Hi Ray,

      I'm following my dad by the name of Ray...;-) When I heard that you were 15,000 shares long, I thought if MTGE is good enough for Ray, it's....

      BTW, I have your name on my Address menu right next to DD. I don't need all that fundamental and TA stuff, I have my dad, Ray. After all, I am trying to get you to adopt me, so you'll take me with you on your next world excursion. How about on the upcoming Jamaica trip??

      I am long you know by Shorting Puts. If things go up I win, if down I lose. Its just a new approach for me to win or lose both ways. If I get direction correct, I win big, if wrong I lose big. But, I thought this year, I might not live that much longer and if I get to the end of my days without trying these bodacious trades, I will regret it!!

      Be well Ray,


    • Doc ...

      You're going long these days ... some anyway ... what gives?


    • To Engle(Part 6):

      Hope you understand. Do you? I take chocolate chip cookies in exchange for having saved you 100's, if not 1000's of dollars....;-)


    • To Engle(Part 5):

      I expect that Mar25Put to be worth (using your numbers) 2.70 -(.9x.67)= 2.60. This is a whole dollar away from your thinking(3.60). As the PPS deviates from today's close this number will change also, but not 1/1 as you supposed. It moves in relation to Delta.

    • To Engle(Part 4):

      So, in your example on Tuesday, tomorrow, the 25's are trading at Delta = -.67(Puts are -, Calls are +). This means that for every dollar move in the PPS the premium should change by 67 cents. So if we end up at 23.52 - .90 = 22.62PPS at the close.

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