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  • slegermark slegermark Apr 25, 2012 12:56 AM Flag

    Bought More At 21.99

    Not a bad move, is this from the procedes of your AGNC sale?

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    • Yes it is Sleger, I got 1.10 profit from AGNC, but I missed out on at least .50 more. Even if AGNC does get the pullback I was expecting, it might not now come down far enough to make a new purchase worth it. Plus: I think that MTGE rises higher than AGNC does from here. MTGE has yet to make a decent run as AGNC has had. While I think AGNC may rise 1.00 from here, I'm betting that MTGE may rise 2.00(all a guess on my part of course). There are many on the sidelines watching the youngster MTGE perform. With a good ER investors may be convinced that MTGE is the real deal. Considering that MTGE has the same management team that has worked magic with AGNC for some time now, I am confident that there be more than acceptable results. Many here expect MTGE to raise their dividend. I for one will not be disappointed if the dividend remains at .90(and no reduction), but I hope that others are not chased away if it does stay the same .90 as last quarter. High expectations sometimes breed disappointment... I am currently contemplating buying more MTGE for my ira account also, and may hold all my shares for at least one dividend(yet to be decided). Since MTGE had such a large spo(doubling in size) this quarter and had a little trouble digesting their large meal, it's all-together posssible that they will not have one next quarter. The pps will fall with the divvy, but with no spo it will easily recover then it will fly. If they do have the spo, I'll find money somewhere to buy more shares and all will be okay anyway. Let's just hope for a good ER/CC and whichever way we decide to play it, we will realize profits. Good luck, FOXY

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      • "Plus: I think that MTGE rises higher than AGNC does from here. MTGE has yet to make a decent run as AGNC has had."

        It could rise more and with 40% more shares than AGNC. That's what I like about the move. Good timing too. We will see how it will have played on xday in June.

        I just gambled on some 22.5 may calls yesterday.

        Are you holding any SCCO? I sold all of mine at 32.4 to get into MTGE. Since then copper has gone down and the borrowing spread has gone up. I like the management of Southern, especially the investment in operations. I might get some long calls with the MTGE divy.

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