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  • incel1 incel1 Jun 8, 2012 7:23 AM Flag

    It is a given that MTGE

    will announce what the div will be before the x-div date? if so, what are they waiting for?

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    • Hi Foxy,

      There is a difference between Meanmachines and those who are self deceived or who have ulterior motives( deceivers), or those who are protective of their homely Queen.. I think Jonkai falls into the latter camp. He is smart(I didn't really say that, did I?) in knowing the financials of NLY, but fears the exodus of the NLY faithful, from kneeling any longer before his Queen

      She was once beautiful and good and her subjects basked in the light of her beneficence. Alas the young and more lovely Snow White graced our shores in May of 2008 and the light of her glory and riches far outstripped the NLY Queen. Her splendor spread through many realms and hamlets and threatened the NLY Queens sway over her subjects.

      Soon the NLY Queen sent her huntsman Jonkai out to search out Snow White, to do her harm( gasp). Snow White's defender, the noble knight Sir Stiercod, gallantly fought off many deceptive feints advanced by the villainous Huntsman. He grew weary and thought of a feint to shield his beloved Snow White...change her name.

      Thinking quickly he told Snow White she must change her name, at once, to the Adored Gorgeous Noble Countessa , she, being of humble nature, thought it a bit too much, so once again thinking quickly Sir Silercod, told her to just go by the initials of her new name. She agreed, but with one condition...that her noble knight would change his pretentious name to also, one less noble, and suggested he use the reverse spelling of his name.

      So alas, the two emerged from hiding, donning the cloaks of AGNC, and DocReits!

      To be continued....

    • Happy Day Headhunter! Thanks for the vote of confidence.

      I must say once again, the scarcity of trolls on this MB (of course AGNC's, I see them as extensions of each other), is amazing.

      While there are a few posters here who think that giving Mis-information might bring them an advantage, there are countless more here who reveal their posts as bunk. You are one of the "revealers", Headhunter, and thanks for that.

      Its often been debated whether a message board can affect the direction of a stock. There are those here to claim to have tens of thousands of shares. I think that if the top ten AGNC holders who visit this board create a blok, and decide to sell all at once, one would see a pronounced drop in pps.

      There's a relatively tacit understanding that one makes one's own decisions regarding one's own money, but sometimes one may be swayed by a message board. "Q" is a good example: While he probably already sub-consciously decided to sell NLY and buy AGNC/MTGE(I see them as brothers, close brothers), he posed a question to this board regarding that sale and jump over, and ultimately did so.

      If there is a board to follow the opinions of regulars, it is this one, making the protection of it almost sacred. Will this stock continue to rise and will the other-worldly dividend continue ad infinitum? NO ONE can predict the future(maybe some soothsayer somewhere can). I'll make a prediction though: As long as the entire REIT sector of the market does not plunge, AGNC and MTGE should do well, possibly(probably?) out-performing the rest of the sector.

      There are others though, who, when shown hard facts, still will not believe they are betting on the wrong horse. I'll use to ongoing debate between Doc and Jonk., e.g.

      Doc seems to use a Tzuian philosophy.

      I do not use the philosophy of "keeping one's enemies closer" and have Meanmachine, those who exude nastiness in their almost every post, or those who venomously misinform, on ignore.

      So Headhunter, maybe that is why I thought you might be slightly referring to me in your post. The "bad" ones are invisible to me and unreadible by me. It is good to have those who call these posters to task.

      I'm here in the event of "the big fight" in case you need me.
      As always, FOXY

    • << It is never my intention to ever give the semblance of mis-information to anyone at anytime.>>

      Hey, Faaqcee, wasn't pointing fingers your way. I know you were just having fun with your countdown. My comments were more meant for the few who pop on this board or the AGNC board and "declare the divvy" or say "why's it late", and then disappear. So, it was directed at the MeanMachines of the world, not you.

    • Btw: The only other dividend in MTGE's history was announced on 09/13/11(3rdQ2011). The span between that dividend's announcement and the next's (4thQ2011, announced 12/12/11) was 12weeks 6days.

      This is currently the longest MGTE has gone between dividend announcements in their short,and may I add, very sweet, history.

      It is most definately(imo) due to the fact that MTGE has had two spos this quarter.

      I've owned stocks which went 4mths between a mention of a dividend before. One would hope that this is not presently the case with MTGE. I am surely not suggesting that, just reiterating the fact that the space between dividend announcements being 13weeks is not written in stone.

      It is never my intention to ever give the semblance of mis-information to anyone at anytime.

      It is not in the core of my being to be allowed to do so.

      My point in a nut-shell, if one can fit this all in a nutshell(Them's some big dang nuts!), is that I'd be careful from here on out if I was a day-trader, and not get stuck on the outside looking in.

      The announcement is coming, and it is coming any day soon.

    • Yeah Headhunter, the last dividend announced by MTGE was 1 week early then the "usual" 13weeks. This Mon. though is 26 weeks after their 4th quarter 2011's announcement.
      4thQ2011: 12/12/11
      1stQ2012: 03/05/12--12 weeks later
      2ndQ2012: TBA --13 weeks 4 days and counting.(as of today)

      Monday the 11th of June will be 14weeks after MTGE's last quarter's announcement, and 26weeks after MTGE's 4th quarter of 2011's announcement. I would think you will now agree that MTGE is due Monday for their dividend announcement.

      While the "13 week rule" is almost never adhered to "to the day", it is a good rule of thumb. My other post's "announcement watch" was/is all in good fun.

      I think you know that. :)

      To those who did not, I hope I didn't cause too much of a fuss, the dividend will be announced in "due" time. FOXY

    • This is starting to feel a bit like watching paint dry so I really wish they would go ahead & declare soon. :)

      • 1 Reply to flightnurse22
      • This week should be a busy week for many of the REIT's. NLY and CIM are usually the last. (I would be too with their recent poor performance.)

        For the most part REIT's earnings have been good. It will be interesting to see how the individual REITS decide whether to "pay now" and increase their currrent dividends or decide to hold some back for future SPO's and uncertain future economic environments.

        IMO AGNC will probably hold their 1.25 div and MTGE will probably only go to .95 if they do decide to increase. I'll be satisfied with and only hope for surprises.

        We'll find out shortly.

    • waynesonnen Jun 8, 2012 11:57 AM Flag

      >> what are they waiting for <<

      The timing of dividend announcements and x-div dates are not fixed. Very ofter these can be a week or two different than what they were a year ago. Check AGNC's Web site and see for yourself.

      Give it another week or two. It will come.

    • << It is a given that MTGE
      will announce what the div will be before the x-div date? >>

      Probably one of the truest statements ever written on a message board. :-)

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