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  • reikreik reikreik Jun 15, 2012 10:37 AM Flag


    Did too well and they are a reverse ponzi scheme

    edgx seller

    want to find the fraud in the market

    simply find the edgx and natx stacks

    its that simple

    see nee-g the others are okay but its down and 20k what - edgx of course

    and that 20k edgx affords him the ability to load up 500k shares

    he did it in dtz at 27 and now its good at 27.75 magic

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    • Lenloc wrote: "If u r shorting qcom at these levels..."

      Wow, for such a smart and rich guy, you sure have trouble reading. Go back and see what I wrote. Short puts on you understand that? Heck, you did it yesterday so I sure hope you do!

      Don't worry, Lenloc, I understand your option strategy. Like Reik says, if it works for you, keep doing it. I'll trade options from time to time but I like doing the shorter term share trades personally. It works for me.

    • If u r shorting qcom at these levels u have as much chance of getting rich as a baboon of winning a beauty contest or a porcupine being voted the cuddliest animal.
      But seriously think about it. Why ain't ya rich? Why?
      BTW, did u understand my advice about mtge puts. The stock price was LAGGING all day yesterday. When stock price is weak the put premium is greater. Get it?

    • Lenloc wrote: "If YOU r so smart why ain't u rich?"

      I plan on it as soon as I recycle my massive short put position in QCOM.

    • The only smart guys are the ones tv tell you about

      hey if you limit bank ceo pay you wouldnt have good ceos


      like the ones that ran citi, bofa, and the many others that forgot to practice good lending standards and chased things.

      but guys like cbsh, cfr and such that stick to sound principles get little notice or credit.

      they make it when its good and bad.

    • Maybe there is a place for you on cnbc

      but thats certainly not me saying anything nice about you if so.

    • I am at a loss for words over the games going on; not just with this one but with the other reits as well --- nothing makes any sense from day to day..?.?.?

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      • 1. Today is option expiration which could affct share price and......

        2. AGNC has become a bit over-valued so the market is pulling many stocks in this sector down...only up one I see is HTS which was trailing the pack based on share price to book.
        Relax and let's wait for next week! Closed my IVR for a decent gain.....about 45 cents since ready for some secondary offerings.

    • ...really tired of your (yelling) riddle posts, that make little or NO sense! …as of now you go on "ignore"...

    • you are reffering to the stacks at the 'ask' right?

      I dont quite get what you say.How can placing a large bid at a lower price allow him to load up? Unless he shorts it down to that low 'ask' and grabs them???

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      • Example


        he offers 68 edgx at 19.29

        so what

        6800 shres

        this thing does 150 to 500k shaers and has a divi coming that is juicy

        but watch more shares trade from .25 to .27 in front of the edgx offer

        its just there to reconfigure his stack and go from short higher to long lower and so on.

        big stacks are the facilitators of fraud in this market where teh liquidity isnt transparent - its not on the screen anymore.

      • He offers big stacks on the ask correct

        then he takes his offer but on dark pool and so he never takes the offer he takes dark pool

        dtz he had massive offer 27.00 and then puts bid big at 26.95 and then just takes 27 over and over adn over but only on dark pool and so hes putting that stack knowing that you or i wont take that offer out - then onces he massively long

        he just stops

        and either removes his offer and then he marches up 50 to 75 cents higher and reverses the transaction

        thats why stock always sucks at the lows but then there is so much buying it seems at the highs and you wonder how it sucked so much at the lows

        over and over and over

    • I hear you Reik, very frustrating indeed.

      Are you holding through EX and collect divi if MTGE doesn't rise today or Monday? If so, are you concerned an SPO could come soon after EX?
      If EDGX is loading, at least we are on the right side of the trade/scam haha :)
      I'm still holding, but getting nervous as my original plan was unloading just about now... would hate to exit and see it blast off to a new high...

      Good luck with your trades!

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