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  • reikreik reikreik Aug 17, 2012 10:35 AM Flag

    taking my lumps

    sorry, had 2 doctors apptments

    still buying and still selliing and took some pain yesteday and lot more early on here as well

    dont see any news so ill just keep adding.

    getting some good trades like agnc on that dip and mtge and out for bounces

    but really its now arr and mitt seems no good now either ha ah

    mfa and anh are gods now but they will both come to reality

    mfa will cut and even if they dont so what - they yield 10 to 11 percent and they made their move

    anh yields nothign but is a good low risk long bet on dips becuse of the book discount.

    still nothigns changed

    until it does ill take my gains and my losses too

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    • A more polite and reasoned reply for a change jt.
      U say "Second, that doesn't fit my risk profile. I can't be watching a stock go from the 20's down to 7 and keep reshorting puts on it."
      Nobody, including me, would if that were a common occurrence.
      That was one horrendous example during a once in lifetime horrendous stock market crash of 2008.
      Every stock was virtually decimated during that Niagara like decline.
      Point is not to throw the baby out with the bathwater. Had I done so I would have given up on substantial subsequent gains. Could a 2008 type crash happen again? Yes. But what are the chances? We know why THAT crash happened and are unlikely to make the same mistakes again despite powerful forces which still push us in that direction. If we want to play safe then stay in CDs. The short/long rapid trading does not make money either over the longer term despite what some claim.
      Investing is a calculated risk.

    • Lenny - I didn't have MITT long but I can see why Reik did. He has been pounding the table about MITT longs ever since they reported earnings on August 7th. If you weren't so busy trying to prove him wrong all the time you'd know that. They had pulled back over the last few days so why are you surprised that he'd be long?

      Besides what difference does it make what I tell you? You have yourself convinced that shorter term trading simply can not work and jump up and down when someone posts that they shorted something like MFA and it goes up 5 cents. See, Lenny told you it doesn't work and there is the proof!

      I don't tell you that you didn't make money shorting puts. I'm sure you did. Two things about that don't fit my style though. First, I don't like sitting on a trade three or four months or more. Second, that doesn't fit my risk profile. I can't be watching a stock go from the 20's down to 7 and keep reshorting puts on it. You can and good for you. Just doesn't work for me.

    • Ive been all over preaching mitt you clown

      but as i said you are right and we will go wtih that.

      works easier that way

    • Been saying buy it on dips the whole time

      and i preach rotation.

      so when its down i buy it

      as you point out its up and up noticeably on the others

      so i shed it and i trimmed my small amtg short and got long

      i shed my dx shorts as well

      and i got some two back on

      if mitt redips and the others sit still ill reload the mitt and shed the others

      if the others fall more ill load them up more if others are presenting good shorts.

      so the real statement to make is you are unable to grasp what even you point out.

      all along i preach rotation.

      two ripped up and i shed it but i didnt say i got out at the exact high - only you state something stupid like this.

      i didnt get the high at all in mitt

      but as i said ill range in long on the dip as well

      i also got out of 10k arr at 7.37 on the open buy order and got relong at 7.30 and that saved 700 bucks today.

      but lets just go with you are right again but then as i said before - why do you keep talking if you are right - im wrong and you are right and nothing else to talk about.

    • I mean only 1 mreit up meaningfully today ie mitt. And whaddaya know RR is in that particular one BIG TIME. Genius or what?

    • So jt u never told me u were long MITT big time and short nly equally big and made a killing like ur guru RR?
      Playing modest? Yesterday RR was long TWO but he must have gone short today. Now he posts after market close, ha ha.

    • Lenny wrote: "To make money trading daily or almost daily one has to guess the market/stock twists and turns correctly most of the time.
      And THAT my friend, no one can do for very long."

      Well, Lenny, if that is your belief and that is your sole argument and emperical evidence against shorter term trading, I guess there is no convincing you otherwise so we'll have to agree to disagree and defer to you as the sole expert on trading/investing and shorting puts.

    • Oh come on. U well know by insta trades i mean very short term trades as in the case of RR who trades daily or almost daily.
      Now U claimed earlier that u sold agnc and mtge today at a profit to explain how u always have available cash on the sidelines. By definition to have ready cash available to buy opportunistically (like RR claims) one has to be either selling frequently or just sitting around for long periods in cash earning peanuts. To make money trading daily or almost daily one has to guess the market/stock twists and turns correctly most of the time.
      And THAT my friend, no one can do for very long. Witness how subdued RR is. See how U have to do the talking for him. He boasted yesterday that he bought more arr while shorting mfa. If he did he must be sorry. See how the "guru" has slunk back into his wherever he slinks back to. No more screaming "lennie" headers, ha ha.

    • I don't know why you have it in your mind that there is any "rapid fire insta" trading going on. I view that as seeing somthing move up 5 cents in a hurry and jumping on board for a 30 second run up. That is not what is going on.

      This type of trading requires patience. You have wait for a good entry and you have to wait to get paid. Sometimes that happens quickly the same day but frequently you have to wait.

      You also have to know what you are doing and manage risk. You have to know the market, the sector, how the stock typically trades, some fundamental information, etc.

      The reason you see smaller targets is because this is a low beta sector and that is what's available shorter term.

    • I just don't believe any rapid fire insta trader can fairly consistently sell at/near highs and get back on lows. No one is that smart. If anyone was he/she would be humongously rich. They would be the proverbial Midas. Right?
      So lets just drop that pretense.
      Selling puts is an entirely different kettle of fish. First father time steadily works for you. For careful put sellers potential losses only likely with pretty massive pps drops like 25-30% or so. One is not playing around with swings of 1-3% which insta traders live on.
      Besides put selling has an additional safety net of recycling (if needed, which is in less than 5% cases). Instatraders don't have that cushion.
      No wonder RR being an instatrader still cannot understand the recycling concept. Probably can't sit still long enuff to grasp concept. Figures doesn't it.

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