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  • lenloc lenloc Aug 20, 2012 10:33 AM Flag

    So RR Y mfa stable while arr clobbered?

    R u outta arr and back into mfa now?

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    • if it were true it would be 'he' is pulling it , there wouldn't be a 'they'.

    • << are you two the same person ?? >>

      Hey Jim3089, I think you're on to something. RR and LL are the same person! Notice the initials, Right and Left. Yin and Yang. Rotation and Recycling. Roth and NO ROTH. ALL CAPS & all small. Now it's so obvious, I can't believe I didn't see it sooner.

      They've been pulling this Abbott & Costello/Laurel & Hardy thing on us for months!

    • Whats wrong with johhny weismueller?

      lots of gold medals there

      you are still my favorite lenloc - for no other reason but i can count on a post from you.

      i wish i was an advertisement and you just click away - over an dover - facebook could use you to pad their ad revenue.

      world wide total carnage

    • I would not be jumping on him if he were not such a crude braggart. Its one thing to say one bought this or sold that at a certain price. But he has to crudely give the exact number of shares he has bought..often in all caps. Why? Few others do that & with that frequency.
      Sure many folks like to thump their chest "Me Tarzan". But he is totally shameless about it and jarring to boot. So I feel he needs to be brought down to terra firma. Besides I disagree with his trading philosophy but thats another matter.

    • I didn't know if he was long. I just asked you if you knew for sure he was short because he had made some favorable comments about ANH last week.

      Yes, you were correct, he was short. However, all you have to do is ask and he'll tell you. He has no problem telling you when he loses on a trade or when he got hit by an adverse move in one of his positions.

      For that reason, I don't think you need to be jumping on him every time you see something moving against a position he posts.

    • RR says "i had 20k short anh out 68 and resold .72 ill sell this and keep selling now" whatever all that means.

      So jt he sure fooled u into thinking he was long anh. Trouble is he posts so many differing statements that like the proverbial mercury drop its hard to pin him down. One can justify virtually anything with him unless u keep real close tabs which is no easy matter. C-R-A-Z-Y!

    • i had 20k short anh out 68 and resold .72 ill sell this and keep selling now

      ill just stop listening to lennie

      i mean think about it - he seems to believe that i have to be correct on every trade. that will never happen............. he doesnt hold himself to this standard - SO ITS SIMPLE - HE IS AN IDIOT.

      made money last week and even with a downgrade in hts and upgrde in anh and net long in utilities (all down) ill still make money today if things hold.

      prefs coming forward to pay some today

    • are you two the same person ??

    • You sure Reik was short ANH? He made the following comment last week: "anh yields nothign but is a good low risk long bet on dips becuse of the book discount."

      Why not make money off the attack? Len, I can't be trading on rumors like this. I have to trade on what I know and can see on my charts. If I traded on rumors like this, I'd have been out of trading a long time ago.

      Regarding the hedging, yes, at the moment, I am net long the sector because I was aggressively buying yesterday and didn't hedge those new longs. How much I hedge at any given time depends on my view of the sector as a whole and opportunities in the individual issues. Interestingly, my hedge of choice yesterday was NLY to short but I decided against it because of the way it was acting.

      Now contrast to the utility sector. I don't follow that one like Reik does but I can see the sector is in a solid decline. If I were to go long something there, I'd offset it with a short. I just can't find anything right now that is setting up.

    • I think in the longer run hedges just mean being in cash. No serious money can be made that way over the long haul.
      Look whether rr admits or not he is being slapped hard lately. He was short anh, nly and mfa. They are mostly up. His longs have done worse. U too will find out if u are an aggressive hedger which i don't think u r. I think u stay mostly long but trade frequently.
      And why hedge if an attack is coming. Why not make money off it instead of being "hedged"?
      Any way I predict no attack till after final prez debate. Also no attack if Romney ahead then (unlikely).
      The main unknown is whether Obama smartens up up & takes serious preventive action as the attack is really meant to dislodge him (fear of nukes which everyone talks about is just a smokescreen) but no one dare mention this very politically incorrect reason. Until then no one will take it seriously coz the traditional reason given is very unconvincing. Even the oil mavens are unimpressed.

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