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  • jtrader64 jtrader64 Sep 7, 2012 1:15 PM Flag


    Lenny, looking for accolades, wrote: "Some are up strong today like GLD, ETN, PH, ROK etc. Should I cherry pick the winners (while hiding the losers) and start boasting how smart I am?"

    Well, you just did, Lenny. So, here you go: Nice trading! Way to go Lenny!

    Feel better now, Len?

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    • To JT
      First of all I emphasized that those were cherry picked winners while admitting openly about not mentioning the losers. Second, I don't make a habit of parading cherry picked winners 10 times/day. Finally I don't day trade.
      Your hero RR almost exclusively posts winners studiously hiding the losers unless caught red handed. Huge difference. But u will deny seeing the difference--of course since you r just a spear carrier with no personality or mind of your own.

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      • Not true again

        i had arr and got hosed on teh down moved then it recovered

        i had mfa short as it ran but now its paid and then some

        i had anh and cmo short and now its paying

        so you will post whatever whenever and never is it accurate.

        i had 13k long into mtge offering the other time but added and made it work

        i dont or cant pretend to be right 100% - who ever is???

        but if i put on a to b and im down 1000 bucks you open your mouth; but when im up 5000 bucks on it - you clam up or call it cherry picking

        once again you are wrong - as usual

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