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    by reikreik.Mar 19, 2000 8:59 PM.PermalinkGo to topic

    Though your message has been deleted, a friend
    who is long in the stock was kind enough to read it
    to me. Busy working out today and well spring break
    is done. So I guess you are way off the mark.
    Actually I was completely unaware of this company until my
    friend bought in 2 weeks ago. I do not like stocks that
    go vertical and figured I would leave my friend a
    message. But seeing how every little boy had to respond I
    continued to post. My favorite whinner was "Yes everyone
    guessed it - Sidasturd."
    I know very little about
    this stock. One can certainly learn from intelligent
    postings but there sure seems to be very little here.
    (except for the hidden value message yesterday). I would
    be a buyer in the low 20 or certainly 15 range just
    because of the price. But unless it comes down I will
    stick to my low risk entries in Circuit City, Dell,
    Best Buy, Bear Stearns (buy @ 38 sell @ 43) WorldCom
    (buy 41-44 and sell 47-50) and Tyco, and hopefully
    soon SYB (buy near 22-23). I just got out of CEFT and
    CC and made nice returns with very little risk.
    Hopefully this stock will go up because when it does my
    buddy Nilles will be buying the beers on Saturday Nite.
    I am up 50% YTD, but I just wish I had more
    capital. Maybe I can get a second mortgage on my
    apartment. Long live MLT, Buy MLT, of course I wont buy it
    until it comes down to 20-21 (my limit order is ready).
    Anyways I have to go do some homework for my Philosophy
    class. My loving regards for all you wonderful people.
    Thanks for allowing me to enjoy my spring break. Nilles
    get back to work.

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    • going back 12 years to a March 2000 Reik post and showing his early mistakes points out exactly what I feel shows you are as phony as a $6 dollar bill. All traders, myself included, had a tough time as beginners. But you, the 'Great Exception", want us to believe you started trading at age 21 in 2008 (couldn't think of a worse time for a beginner) with no money and turned it into $1 million.
      My, you are indeed the "boy wonder of wall street"!!!!! Funny how all that time you were the "resident boy genius" yet you never posted on a message board until July 2012.

      • 2 Replies to owenbailey17
      • i actually made money back then very little had an account of maybe $3 to $5k - so nothing

        but yep he omits the date on purpose.

        I started trading oct 2001 after 9/11 and made money trading. I moved to market neutral more and more after 2005 or so and then even more specific to sector neutral in 2008 or so once things started correlating less and less

        in 2008 when iwm went up everythign went up and vice versa but after 2008 sectors moved within but less related to the market.

      • I had friends to talk to. I don't have any friends anymore lol. My wife I talk to all the time.. Figure it was time to branch out and troll the boards. Message boards are useless mindless space in cyberspace. Plant your flag elsewhere, where it actually matters, the rest of us are here for fun and discussion. But I really don't care to lie on this board, if I wanted to lie I'd say I have millions and millions and be younger then 26. And don't give me this #$%$ about how 2008 was terrible for beginners. On please. That's when I made the most of my money was late 2008 and early 2009... Then rode ACAS up from there. Sure, I had help from talking with my family and wealth advisors, but no one else had the balls to do that I did to make the money I have. Now it's time to diversify some of my profits... But I'll still be around making my money trading like I do... Call it stupid if you want, but its what got me here today. I may just take the entire almost 1.1m account and diversify it now. I think keeping one account in cash would be a good thing for a rainy day like 2008. Maybe I'll keep it in a money market account, if we crash for some reason ill start buying over time on good solid names.. Staying diversified. Or I could buy real estate... Hmm.. No risk there.. Lol.

    • My trading in chicago started in oct 2001 - that post if you care to share the date was before oct 2001

      but you ommitted that of course.

    • I especially like how you deleted the date - probably pre 2001

      i was in college and i was buying 50 to 60 shares every 10 to 20 percent lower and had no clue what i was doing.

      i had a required philosophy class - it wasnt a bad class but would have preferred not to have to take it.

      but you piece it together nicely only you have all the missing parts.

      at the time of those trades all the stocks were solid - i had a scottrade account - didnt know what i was doing - and couldnt get short

      so not exactly sure what your point is - except to deflect that you went all in in mtge in one of your accounts - thats good trading.

    • Circuit City, Dell, Best Buy, Bear Stearns, WorldCom, SYB... Really REIKREIK?? YEP!!! NOOO RISSSSKKK THEEERRREEE.

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