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  • lenloc lenloc Feb 15, 2013 3:32 PM Flag

    Food stocks are the new takeover target as Buffet action indicates.

    I thank WB for taking 10k shares of hnz off my hands. I think gis is another target, probably by its partner nestle. K and cag not so much but cpb is. U heard it here guys.

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    • Lenloc, do think anyone here takes you seriously? You are really naive to think anyone in here thinks for 1 minute you had 10,000 shares of HNZ.Is there any reason why you have NEVER posted on HNZ board? But you post it on MTGE board??? You are so phony its hilarious.............................

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      • hnz was a very slow moving old fashioned stock i've had for many many years coz of its relative stability and above avg div. Before the takeover announcement a few days ago hardly anyone posted on its mb. However apart from its div i made quite a bit selling puts on it over past few years. The problem is where to reinvest the proceeds. I already have huge holdings of gis and k. Don't care for cpb. May have to buy more clx, kmb and perhaps ul. Their divs are even better. Have enuff of pg. I'm low on mmm but yield is lowish.Probably will distribute over clx, kmb and mmm to create an equivalent div yield. BTW i have over 80 stocks and i rarely post outside mreits, coz they r the most interesting and potentially volatile.
        I know its sticks in ur craw that i have 10k shares of hnz. Tough #$%$ for u buddy. Ha ha ha..

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    • I actually thought the same thing about general mills (gis) yesterday when reading about the Heinz acquisition. We will find out soon enough.

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