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  • reikreik reikreik Mar 8, 2013 6:10 PM Flag


    Divi, because their yield is awful in itself and to its peers, and because it has offerring risk.

    probably all 4

    else someone tell me why it stunk


    hft overpowers the screen until it releases or real capital comes in and takes on the screen to push it back is my answer but for sure im an idiot.

    so maybe yuor best friend can tell me why it was awful

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    • Earnings were good, the div is as high as it's ever been and the same as it's been for 5 quarters, its yield is fantastic, and the offering closed weeks ago and another isn't reasonable for another month at least.

      Someone with more shares than brains wanted out, and the rest of the market ignored the div value, is all.

      It'll get upward pressure next week.

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      • No

        someone was buying on dark pool but using the screen to pressure it down

        crowd the screen and hit the screen down but purchase off the market - that the entire fraud - thats my point.

        can override earnings and upgrades/downgrades if they want to long enough to load up in that direction.

        i shed some afterhours and reloaded on this but its the simple fact that they can slam or run anystock they want.

        or we can go with your explanation - because first thing i wanted to do today was dump all i couuld lower then it was 2 days ago up at 26.55 to 26.65 range

        which sounds more reasonable.

        slam out lower or let it go higher on all the good points you mentioned and get out higher.

        as far as going higher - we are finally in agreement on something

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