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  • daveyw43 daveyw43 Aug 29, 2006 7:19 PM Flag

    CWTR goes over $30 next week.....

    Are you the only conference call basher left? You guys don't hang around long, maybe it's an adult attention deficit disorder thing. Did you notice which direction the stock price is going?

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    • As the old high school chant to the opponent's star quarterback - overrated, overrated, overrated. This stock is way ahead of it's true value. One sneeze and it'll drop 20%. Flawless execution and it may grow into the current value.

      The risk/reward ratio favoring selling rather than buying. Surprisingly, BEBE is even more inflated. ANN and ANF are much better longs.

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      • david-kelley Aug 30, 2006 8:14 AM Flag

        Revenue wise.....CWTR is growing 2 to 3x as fast as the two companies you listed (ANN & ANF).
        As long as CWTR's revenue continues to grow (30-40-50%)all is well, if it stumbles you are right its valuation is too high....the stock will go to $20. To me CWTR is a growth stock and is played that way...PE will be in line as net profit increases.

        For me buying CWTR is like buying a fast car. Some peps want slower and safe cars...if that is you then buy ANF or ANN....if you want to get somewhere faster and make more money on your investment CWTR. Want to drive the ANN or ANF.