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  • momfor3kids momfor3kids Sep 6, 2006 11:38 AM Flag

    73 Pages of Deep Discounts

    I agree.

    One thing I noticed yesterday - don't know how I missed it before - is that they seem to have partnered with Amazon. If you search the inventory they have there, and look at the feedback left regarding their efficiency, it's not particularly encouraging. It appears that the way the sites interface does not allow for Amazon to be aware when things have gone oos, and there are a number of complaints about items they were unable to ship for this reason. Additionally, there appears to be a bit of a hiccup in the system, and orders don't go straight to CWC, resulting in a delay compared to orders placed directly through CWC.

    Personally, I think it was a mistake to do the Amazon thing. I see no reason for it at all. Seasoned CWC buyers will go straight to their own site, and I am sure selling through is much less expensive for them than having to pay a cut to Amazon. New buyers who happen upon CWC via the Amazon channel will not be impressed because adding that middleman seems to be making the experience less than positive for buyers. They have an 85% positive rating, which, IMHO, is terrible. It seems like buyers don't know who to contact - Amazon or CWC - when there is an issue that needs resolved.

    I'm sure that keeping up with what they'll list through Amazon added the need for some employees, as well. Probably not many... but it just seems like it would be a pain to have to piddle with the limited number of offerings, to decide what is Amazon-worthy and what's not, etc. It's not like their entire online selection is available through Amazon... just some odd mix that doesn't seem very cohesive to me.

    All in all, that was a bad move. IMHO, of course.

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    • Jeez you guys..Where do you get your information?? Before you start spewing crap get the FACTS!..

      CWTR was ranked number one in customer service among specialty retailers and second only to Nordstroms in overall retail customer service.

      Injecting a little truth around here might actually cause this board to have some value.

      By the way..the Amazon affiliation happened over 4 years ago.... way to be on top of it.

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      • I agree that their customer service tends to be top-notch. As an example, last week I placed an order totaling $192.xx from their website. Everything but one item ended up being OOS. I had used a $25 off $100 coupon code, and the single item that was in stock was $12.99. When I realized I would only be getting one of the many items in my order, I used the live chat feature to see what was up. Would I be charged full shipping on that one item? I wouldn't have bothered to order it had I known that was a possibility. It wasn't worth $22 to me.

        The CSR immediately told me she would pro-rate everything, and my total ended up being $15.04.

        I've truly always had very good luck with their customer service.

        That said... I don't know how I missed the Amazon thing. I've always shopped their own outlet and not tapped it from there. I've spent the last ten minutes clicking around on Amazon trying to find the page that had Coldwater's customer reviews, and can't find them at all. I know that they had an overall satisfaction rating of 85%, and had 3 1/2 stars. Customer comments were quite negative, and had to do mostly with slow shipping and lost orders.

        So... I just question that particular marriage, but overall, Coldwater is truly very customer-oriented, which is a good thing.

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