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  • eveliawhite eveliawhite Aug 14, 2013 12:30 PM Flag

    I could give two craps

    what you haters say. One you don't pay my bills, two, you don't know me, three,we share no kinship. It's a matter a fact many are aren't even human. So why get upset my animals bark woof.....LOL

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    • The difference between your family and some of us here. We will not lie to you telling you put on these rose colored glasses and everything is rosie. Do you know the Company's website address?

    • Very nice language from a spiritual person...Patience my dear...Good things around the corner. Most of us are here to make money as well, and possibly feel as or worse then you do. Hoping a waiting for the fins. Most stocks take a down turn before the rise. That could be happening here..accumulation, before the rise of the sun!!!

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      • Thank you. But who said I was talking to good people. I don't follow your God. Dude. I don't respect trash either. I show no respect to my enemy. I am not falling a sleep this round. I treat you accordingly. My job is to save my race and wake them up even if I have to use you to get it done. Please push MJ. The greed for money will be all of your demise. Spirituality as nothing to do with your bull joke churches. Jesus. Please!!! I fellow no pale face God. Week as beings. Last I looked up the Universe is JET BLACK. with DNA of my own. I suggest you fools research things that matter. Greedy #$%$*ks

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