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  • flourface flourface Oct 3, 2013 4:37 PM Flag

    yup, looks like this is a floater

    what a bummer

    Sentiment: Sell

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    • Totally agree flourface. Like so many others, always hoping to see the turnaround day after day after day after day, etc.

      Instead every day it's! Never invested a huge amount so I'll just Hold, but this stock is starting to really look a hunk of junk. Maybe someday it will turnaround but I won't hold my breath.

      Sentiment: Hold

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      • If we had held our breath over the last months..........we'd be RED too!

        They don't even seem to be trying---------maybe it's the best you can expect from such a pinky-cheapy, but if it were my biz, I'd be gettin' the word out----about what is happenin.

        They should have had the name change done by now......they can do that without AEGY, so I don't know what's the holdup. I know we are waiting on the merger until after AEGY files its FINS and year-end report. I hardly look at this POS lately....not selling though, it's like a LOTTO-ticket......

        Feel bad for those unfortunates who bought at a nickel or more.......who knows, maybe they'll report in a coupla weeks, that they have real $$$ collected from A/R......and the stock could bounce back into penny land....and OUT of sub-penny. This is only my 3rd penny stock......made $$$ on one and not the other.

    • This is so stupid. This thing goes under .0025 and its still not going to be over a penny with the 3for1. What a joke. Were all holding cuz we basicly don't have any money left anymore. So we are like f#@* it! Meanwhile the company just keeps our investment as if we just donated to a chain letter scam. FML!

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      • Sucks!!I dropped around 6k before I said enough!The upside,the last 4 stock symbols I posted I practically made every penny back using what I had left!You can't kick yourselves,actually the mmj sector seemed like a groundfloor awesome investment!My advice is to find another investment that finally gives you excitement and not the constant negative of seeing red everyday!We/re all just here to make a few bucks to add to our income and I hope something crazy happens here to blast=off!

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