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  • alibi79 alibi79 Dec 21, 2005 1:04 PM Flag

    Loading up on CPWR as this looks to be

    a winner. Sure it has a few clitches but then I can't find too many companies that do not. Looking for 15 dollars per share.

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    • heypetewhereismydough heypetewhereismydough Dec 22, 2005 12:13 AM Flag

      you're welcome.

      have you heard an earnings release date? i'm being lazy. i need to decide whether to buy the jan (exp on the 20th) or feb (exp on the 17th) puts. the plan right now is to buy them on jan 3. i see no reason to buy them on dec 30 only to get 4 more days of time decay. i think i'm going to go after the in the money 10's instead of the 7 1/2's. after they warn or miss it'll probably only go to about 8 is my guess; unless it's really bad, which is entirely possible!

    • just hate to see a msg subject I recanted on get republished over and over....

      i'll leave it to people who've done the dd to rebut the real pumpers (and gushers....and "gosh"ers) LOL

      thanks Heypete

      now ...ON to the warning!!!

    • and btw, it's not an "old" report as you said. it's dated nov 22, 2005.

      maybe you read one from 1998.

      there's your mistake! you just read a 7 year old report!

      sorry man! read the current one. you'll save yourself some grief.

    • you're either a liar or stupid. take your pick. it appears that you're both.

      the only positive thing in the report (i have it right in front of me) is a strong balance sheet (the only thing keeping it from an outright sell). everything else is cautionary at best. they question their compensation practices and state that the ibm settlement will have no material impact. and they list it as overvalued at the current price (fair value calc of 8.70). sounds pretty negative to me. and there's much more. liar.

      you're going to wait a very long time for 10% yoy growth for 2 consecutive q's. ain't happenin' in 2006.

      satisfy yourselves everyone. get the report from your broker. you'll see what a liar and hyper crud48 is.

    • Well don't get so excited, damn you said you didn't even own the stock. If you want to wait two consecutive quarters of topline growth that's your perogative, I'll sell you 1/100 th of my shares if you can afford it at 17 bucks a share. Ps. I did read the S&P report after you kept on harping on it and it was very positive.

    • zero top line growth. when they grow the top line by 10% yoy for 2 consecutive quarters then i might be a buyer. but it ain't gonna happen. pete's gonna sell this thing. he just can't find a buyer, even at 12.

      if you can't grow the top line you're dead in the water. they've cut all the expenses they can and receivables are declining. you need an investing 101 book 'cause you sure don't know what you're talking about.

      man, you really are stupid and dense. the 100 mil is already built in. it doesn't mean squat unless it DOESN'T come in. only NEW money that wasn't already bragged about counts.

      and yes, i also heard pete back away from his covisint claims with a reporter.

      and you are a liar. the report is not positive at all. liar. since you clearly didn't read it maybe you'ld better before spouting off like you have. liar.

    • It amazes me how some of you throw figures around like 100 million and act as if it means nothing. This company is head for close to 50% profit growth in this fiscal year alone before all the good stuff comes online.

    • that's the funny part. pete will land the 100 mil from gm but it will actually be thru ibm and fulfill ibm's obligation. so much for that.

    • Just in case anyone is new here, and thinks CPWR is a "winner". i'm here for intelligent discussion, not pronouncements like

      "sure it has a few clitches (sic) but then I can't find too many companies that do not".

      ignore.....I should know better.

      I liked the other board where users could give a credibility score to posters - these two would have zero.

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