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  • karmonkey karmonkey Aug 19, 2012 8:57 PM Flag

    Now this is the CPWR press I like to see...

    Load say it aint so... buy that island relax and then come back y'hear?

    What up with CPWR? Why all the strength aye?

    Compuware's MACD is through the roof on almost every timline: = $bonus$ - but the gosh darn MRQ QUICK ratio is under 1.0 (we all know what that means; CPWR if liquidated can't cover all liabilities).
    Not much you need to know on this one ez move. Jump in now.

    Looks like this Billionare (in the article link above; not me) is on to somethin with ol' dead CompuNAG.

    Could Compuware be rounding the 3rd corner and finally, finally break $13.00 a share. Ladies, Gentlemen can you imagine that. Is Compuware, finally a lean, mean figthing machine?

    Hey at $10.03 (check that price when you read this and say DOH! I shoul'da... *darn it* in ) let's give this share, finally, its due! Next stop $11.00...

    (With your support Mr. Big O Investor, calling ALL smart investor types, you know a huge bet here will ONLY go up! THIS IS THE TIME (after all those years..) - DO IT partner! :) ). Let's go!

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