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  • arbitragem arbitragem Jul 22, 1999 2:04 PM Flag

    Biggest volume days

    I looked at the chart and if it's correct, on Dec 16,1992 the day of first issue traded 65,301,600. The second biggest was 61,864,800 on Oct 25,1994.

    We still need more people to buy today.

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    • Individual Investor's Closing Bell wrapup has a
      glaring error that must be set straight. CPWR missed
      analysts revenue estimate of $600 million when it should
      say $464 million!!!!Please send an email to the
      address below asking them to post a correction. Be

      Email to:

    • by middle of August. MM's were manipulating today to drive price down. Don't be fooled by the Greenspan excuse.

    • 22-Jul-99 10:32:26 Shares of Compuware are
      getting slammed today, trading down $9 1/16, or 27%, to
      $24 9/16. The firm booked solid FY00 1Q earnings
      results of 24 cents compared to the First Call consensus
      of 21 cents. However, Compuware's revenue fell below
      expectations raising the red flag about the near-term growth
      expectations. The revenue shortfall prompted a slew of ratings
      and earnings reductions from the sell-side. A brief
      review of Compuware's most recent 13F filings showed an
      institutional ownership base dominated by growth, aggressive
      growth and momentum investors. These are the types of
      investors who tend to focus on near-term fundamentals, i.e.
      revenue and earnings growth, as well as price momentum.
      The questions that have cropped up regarding
      Compuware's near-term future undoubtedly convinced many of
      these investors to unload shares - many aggressive
      growth/momentum investors have high turnover rates, admonishing
      the "buy-and-hold" approach taken by many value and
      core-growth players. Block trading is at brisk levels,
      accounting for about 45% of today's volume, which is well
      above the firm's average daily volume of 4 million
      shares at 14.6 million just one hour into the day.
      I-Watch data shows institutional investors on the
      bid-side have been unable to counter the wave of stock
      hitting the market from the sellers. It appears that
      these bidders were able to slow the rate of descent and
      tentatively formed a bottom near the $24 1/2 level. Keep an
      eye out for continued signs of support to indicate
      that CPWR will be able to maintain current levels
      versus renewed super messages from sellers suggesting
      the stock will come under further pressure.

    • Your point was sorta my point. If there's nothing
      wrong with the plane, but the weather is bad, do you go
      flying anyway? Do you take your plane up to spite the
      weather? If the market is screwed up, maybe it's better to
      run with a stock in favor than out of favor. Normally
      I wouldn't be so short-minded or reactionary, or
      hint at abandonment of fundamentals, but this trend is
      sustaining with both Compuware and conversely, the

    • look. I am checking at- ecomcheck .com (After Hour quote site)

    • it first appears. We are down 20% today from
      yesterday, but the NASDAQ is in the tank today as well. BMCS
      is down 9% today. IBM is off about 4%.

      on these external things I think we lost about 15%
      because of the "revenue" problem. I think we would have
      been down 5% or so anyway, assuming no news. Now
      losing 15% is a LOT, but it is better than losing 20%,
      and it beats the hell out of panicking and selling
      out at 24.5 like a whole lot of people did this

      It will be interesting to see where we settle
      price-wise in the next few days. My guess is somehere around
      28. Long term I see continued appreciation in the

    • I think we would all stand pat for a while. Now
      all this interest rate crap is going to start all
      over again. This was so predictable. ....Careful all
      you guys..the markets may now start pricing in
      another interest rate hike...another .25 point was NOT in
      the market.

      This pretty much stinks. If you
      are a reader of any of Martin Zweigs stuff..he would
      not trade at all in a rising rate enviroment....he
      takes a vacation or focuses on other things till a
      bottoming pattern can be seen.

      I think you stay out
      and if you must trade short the rallies on days when
      the volume drops on the rise or blowoff tops.

    • One compelling reason to keep an eye on CPWR may
      be some apparent big institutional buying by GSCO
      and MLCO. Any comments? Note the Nasdaq is off,
      futures are chaotic. Techs, telecoms, computers off.
      Calls for defensive trading...
      How about tomorrow
      when the dust settles and Greenspan goes back to his
      digs for a while?? Or are we worried about China
      bombing Taiwan??

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