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  • steelhorseknight1 steelhorseknight1 May 2, 2011 8:59 PM Flag

    ....New Thread

    What,s on you're mind B?

    How are things.

    Anything you'd like to know or talk about?

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    • Things are good, S. My mood always picks up when the weather gets warmer, and I can work in the yard and do my other creative projects. I'm getting ready to "shabby-chic" an old but very nice waterfall dresser I got from an antique store clearance for $55. I'm sanding it, and then I'm going to prime and paint it and use an over-stain that will make it look old. Then, I put on clear finish. It has the original hardware, too--lovely old handles.

      I do have questions for you, and they are honest ones.

      One, do you have a bad temper? (Don't get mad, now.) :) Just curious, as some months back, you called me a bad name when we were arguing politics in our other lives, but then you apologized when I gave you a hard time. Just curious. You said you could be ferocious, and I'm curious what that means....

      Two, do you have any liberal friends (besides your cyber pen-pal here)? My very best friend of over two decades is a con, though she's not very religious. We argue politics sometimes, but it absolutely never impacts our friendship. We have so much in common in other areas, and we've been though so much (her significant other died, too, at a young age, during our friendship). We just have this mental connection thing, like sisters, practically. We "play" off each other very well.

      Do you have liberal friends, hmmmmm...? :)

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