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  • nick.mach nick.mach Jul 6, 2009 7:14 PM Flag

    Accumulate gingerly

    ever so gingerly until dec 09.

    Good Luck

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    • yp_john_flower_mound_816 yp_john_flower_mound_816 Jul 28, 2009 11:42 AM Flag

      Where are all the "doubters" now??? After practically being run off this board....what is the stock price??? And yes, I do work for Behr and we kicked Sherman Williams a$$ in Q2 and will do it again in Q3....

    • yp_john_flower_mound_816 yp_john_flower_mound_816 Jul 23, 2009 12:30 PM Flag

      Good housing information....where did all the "doubters" go?
      MAS to $11 soon.

    • No one ever challenges to hold the people there accountable and maintain responsibility....poor management.
      He is looking for other opportunities but being fairly high has been slow.
      He is fairly high up and no one ever challenges to hold the people there responsible....poor management. Sounds like he's part of a problem as you've perceived , not the solution. What then is the problem and if there is one, what is his solution? If he is fairly high up, he is not a drone in a vacuum. He must have some management input.

    • My cousin works on the service side down in Florida where they are the kings at The Art and Craft of “Passing the Buck” No one ever challenges to hold the people there accountable and maintain responsibility....poor management.
      He is looking for other opportunities but being fairly high has been slow.

    • ...doubt that they will be able to profit from this....the sales channel in that part of the business has been decimated by layoffs and they always lacked focus
      btw Despite the rise in housing construction for June, activity still was 46 percent below the year ago levels and 77 percent below 2 year ago levels. This will not turn around in the next year.

    • yp_john_flower_mound_816 yp_john_flower_mound_816 Jul 16, 2009 10:21 AM Flag

      I read that a large "chunk of stimulus" has been designated to lower income families for the purpose of making homes more energy efficient. I am not sure how this will affect, if at all, the segment of Masco that handles building insulation. I wish that I saved that link.....IDK what to think of Masco right now. I'm unemotional about it really. I still hold stock (bought at $4.99 share)but I wouldn't dare put all of my eggs in their basket due to current economic conditions. There seems to be glimmers of light at the end of the tunnel although it could take awhile.
      The Q2 earnings call should be interesting.

    • It appears that they report by 5 major product segments and the divisions are the individual companies that make up a segment. I think you are wrong about the dividends being paid on unvested stock options. The proxy says they are paid on unvested stock awards which are a lot less than options. You may still feel that is wrong as well but at least you will have the right facts. Most companies go into the market at the time that awards are granted so I assume that masco does as well.Not sure why the stock is up when a major analyst issues a downgrade. Interesting times.

    • I went back to the 1977 Annual Report, which was handy (and includes the 10-K) and nowhere did I notice the use of the word "division".

      The 10-K states in its opening text Item 1. Business. "The company businesses operate in five segments arranged by similarity in products and services".

      Pages 4 and 5 of the Annual Report has the heading (in very large, bold type) "Product Segments". And each segment thereafter mentioned begins with "This segment . . "

      What "Masco Statements" do you have that "list 'Division' not 'Segments'". Masco is usually very consistent in cases such as this - where published statements are involved.

      By the way, because you appear to know and think quite a bit about (not necessarily "of") Masco, have you any idea when the company goes into the market and buys stock for its employee purchase plans? The question came up some years ago, and it strikes me it was around this time of year, and no one provided an answer to my recollection. The way the stock is moving suggests something besides supply and demand by public shareholders. Just wondering.

      When you speak of the dividend, remember that a lot of the recipients are employees and top management - and some in management even receive dividends on un-exercised options (what a scam that is) - meaning it's a hidden bonus. Also, remember that institutionalized holders get the lion's share - and most are bleeding badly already. Even though common sense would dictate elimination of dividends when a company is struggling for its life, common sense is not a trait common to Masco management, directors, and most Masco stockholders.

      If only Masco was as well-managed as its stock seems to be.

    • I actually went back into my Masco statements that list "Division" not "Segments".

      Regardless, I understand you position on this stock. I will agree. It was, like many others, extremely overvalued in previous years.

      I know that they have made some cuts. It will be interesting to watch. Let's see what happens to the dividend in upcoming quarters.

    • Based on?????
      Maybe some "Green" sales possibilities?
      or what?
      Should the economy turn around there might
      be some upside, but this year?
      Their "Green" component (anything green is being pushed by Oboyma) is small.
      The company is still run by a bunch of community college dropouts and the service side is very poorly run.
      I do not know....

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      • yp_john_flower_mound_816 yp_john_flower_mound_816 Jul 11, 2009 9:53 AM Flag

        I worked for a division of my opinion $8 is a great price. Just because new housing is at a severe low doesn't mean that people are not remodeling....especially foreclosures.. More people are also staying home (vacations) and working on their homes that they plan on staying in. Given that so many people are out of work- that only gives them more time to paint, fix that leaky faucet,'s all about the DYI again. Shift is away from paying someone to do it for you.....most of Masco's products are affordable. I think that the big ticket items under masco umbrella will hurt, while lower cost items (Behr paint) will exceed. Again, only my opinion from what I have seen from the past ....and based upon the big cuts that Masco made to streamline from within.

      • Its not all run by drop outs.

        they actually are doing better than I thought they would under the conditions. Still a few things I dont like but over all I think a pretty good bet.

        Actually over all I still have over a 30 percent profit here even after the drop off in the past month.

        I would start to accumulate more when the stock falls under 7. gingerly as he stated. It will want to go back up again in 6 months or so.

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