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  • noproductno noproductno Nov 10, 2010 6:19 PM Flag

    traders actively shorting this...announced

    TV is a big place. Can't you include some references?

    I'm sure we all appreciate the heads up about what "they" are saying about "they".

    You are right "This" [and whatever else anyone sees or hears about Masco] "can't be good".

    I am amazed that Masco brass has the brass to appear at investor meetings at all. Of course, these days, does anyone really expect anyone to tell the truth? And does anyone really care? Certainly not the big suckers who are going to lose all the little suckers' money.

    When Nature takes its final course, those who have been paid plenty to give Masco life-support will have to look for new pump jobs - and politics is a likely place for highly-paid motormouths and incompetents to end up.

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    • you sound mad. Work there? All corporate jerks are jerks. Ego maniacal until they run the company into the ground.

      Sad state of affairs for all Cabinet Companies now though. A lot of the big ones are going to fall, and fall hard.

      Looking to private equity buyers.

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      • What would a player with any sense do other than short? Consider the odds against Masco going up.

        When even analysts that Masco has bought and paid for again and again turn negative to save their own sleazy stock-hustling butts, Masco is, as the TV stock commentator said - "Toast".

        Masco couldn't get away with selling off assets to private equity buyers if it wanted to. It doesn't own them. It's just a debt-ridden carcass.

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