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  • momofwonder momofwonder Nov 25, 2010 9:16 PM Flag

    Pershing breaking up Fortune and now Carl

    what? why is that nutty to think Masco is a has been. Orville and Ruth had a fine institution at one time and then sold and the corporate morons ran it into the ground.

    Now Fortune is on its knees to some scum bag activist. May be good for the stock in the short term for vultures, but the company goes the same way as Merillat.

    Wake up.

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    • Momo - the irony of Merrilat/Masco is that absolutely opposite values motivated the Merrilats and the rapists who bought their company.

      It's too bad that the Masco Gang, which destroyed so many good companies, made fortunes in the process. They are fast losing their ability to grab more because there ain't much left to grab.

      I figured the cabinet business was getting way overcrowded even before the housing debacle. I used to go into Home Depot mainly to see if I could find Masco cabinetry in the growing sea of brands. The stories the sales floors were telling didn't seem to match the stories Masco was telling.

      The financial experts and lame-brained brokers who were supposed to be watching things like economic trends and companies' businesses were too busy playing with the stocks to notice - or care.

    • It's not nutty, but you're trying to merge 2 different situations into one. That "scumbag activist" owns 11% of Fortune Brands' stock, and he's trying to get them to spin off its liquor business. They are hardly on their knees. I'm not saying Masco isn't in trouble, but what makes you think that Merillat would be prospering now as a stand alone company, given how poorly all of the other cabinet makers are doing?

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