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  • grandpafox grandpafox Aug 6, 2009 2:17 PM Flag

    EVFL Facts vs. Fiction/Fantasy

    Not to rain on the parade I'm in, just to keep it honest.

    Fact, 100 Billion Authorized Shares
    Fiction, ANY accurate current share count displayed.
    (ranges from 378k - 21B on various quotes, none verified)

    Fact, an ex XOM employee worked for DM and the XOM ticker was on the new EVFL website for a week and
    XOM is headquartered in Dallas like EVFL and, and, and
    FANTASY, that XOM is buying EVFL, maybe their Carbon Credits in a trade.

    Fact, Willie put an injunction on EVFL using Bio-Willie or Willie Nelson's name in any way
    FACT- EVFL uses his name in conjunction with Carl's Corner which is up and running strong with Willie in house often.
    Fantasy, Willie endorses DM or EVFL - wait and see

    Fact, the same CEO heads both EVFL and EVLN which owns prior EarthBio assets
    Fact, the newest EVLN Board member is already on EVFL BOD
    Fantasy, EVLN is or will acquire controlling interest in EVFL

    Feel free to add to this list while waiting for FACTS.
    I am 100% behind this Evolution but open to reality.

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