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  • jphershey21 jphershey21 Aug 6, 2009 3:18 PM Flag

    EVFL Facts vs. Fiction/Fantasy

    Fact: Evolution Resources was formed from aquiring BBNG which trades @ +$5 per share & immediately bought a Washington State Green Energy Company Liqua Fuels.
    Fantasy: That EVLN stocks that are paying for the acquisition instead of the 100 Billion Shares from EVFL=us shareholders that keep buying @ .0001.

    Fact: That EVFL did a bang up job of updating their website making it more appealing & informative to the public.
    Fantasy: That this is just a part of the big picture to keep shareholders more informed, website has not been touched since it was launched 2 weeks ago...except for removing the XOM stock qoute. Which still in fantasy maybe the symbol coming soon will be yet a new ticker after a buyout or partnership????

    Fact: Company wants us to believe they are going to start up the 2 production year end once the government stimulas money comes in...or...
    Fantasy: They have the capital from daytrading in other stocks to actually get off the ground and get some attention from the big dogs in the oil industry.

    Fact: As with any company who knows what's going to happen all we can do is hope for the best, expect the worse!
    Fantasy: The greedy capitalist make a come back through green energy companies and we all get stinky filtly rich while bringing our global economy back to an all time high!!! Of course we all get out before...before...all these c. suckers get busted again!!! LOL!

    Good Luck LONGS, SHORTS, MIDDLES I really don't care as long as the PPS climbs on this one!

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    • Where in Washington State is this supposed Liqua Fuels Facility?

      • 1 Reply to donhoo42
      • Found it...

        Date Posted: January 4, 2007

        Dallas, TX -- Earth Biofuels, Inc. announced Jan. 3 that its wholly owned subsidiary Earth Ethanol, Inc. has entered into an agreement with Liquafaction Corporation to construct and operate an ethanol production facility located near Moses Lake, WA.

        Earth Ethanol will beneficially own 80% of the facility, which is projected to produce approximately 36 million gallons of ethanol per year by the end of 2007.

        The project is a renovation and expansion of an existing ethanol plant built in 1992 with an original capacity of approximately six million gallons per year.

        The facility will be upgraded with state-of-the-art processes and controls and will be able to process both corn and barley as feedstock for the ethanol production.

        Moses Lake is located in Grant County, the largest corn-producing county in the state of Washington, and is adjacent to the largest barley producing counties in the state.

        The ability to operate on two grains will help to reduce the exposure to rapidly changing corn or barley prices.

        "The estimated production capacity of this facility is in line with our objective of having an annualized ethanol production rate of at least 30 million net gallons by the end of 2007," said Earth Biofuels' Executive Vice President, Kit Chambers.

        "With the strong ethanol market on the west coast and specifically in Seattle, we believe this is a great opportunity for Earth Ethanol."

        Production at the facility is expected to increase incrementally - from an initial 12 million gallons per year in June of 2007 to 36 million gallons per year by November 2007.

        In addition to Earth Biofuels' controlling interest, it will manage operations at the Moses Lake facility.

        For more information, call Shawne Horn, Earth Biofuels, 214-389-9800.