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    "Its growth and profit potential cannot be overstated. "

    Earth Biofuels, Inc. (EBOF.PK) (edit profile)
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    3001 Knox Street
    Suite 403
    Dallas, TX USA 75205
    Phone: 214-389-9800
    Fax: 214-389-9805

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    Dept Executive Title Email Phone
    Exec Dennis McLaughlin [VCard] Chairman/CEO Free Trial 214-389-9800
    Thomas Foltz [VCard] President Free Trial 214-389-9800
    Christopher Chambers [VCard] EVP Free Trial 214-389-9800
    Ops Timothy Harrington [VCard] COO Free Trial 214-389-9800
    Finance Darren Miles [VCard] CFO Free Trial 214-389-9800

    Last Updated: 06-02-09

    ABOUT Earth Biofuels, Inc.
    Earth Biofuels, Inc. (EBI), is a publicly traded company (OTCBB: EBOF.OB) on the Nasdaq Bulletin Board exchange. As a subsidiary of holding company Apollo Resources International, Inc. (OTCBB: AOOR.OB), EBI produces high-quality, brand-name biodiesel fuel for sale and distribution through the company’s network of wholesale and retail outlets. Founded in 2004, the company is ideally positioned to capitalize on the growing demand for alternative and renewable fuels in the domestic market. Spurred by global energy concerns, EPA mandates, tax incentives, subsidies, U.S. energy policy, and growing health concerns, biodiesel is fast approaching critical mass in terms of public awareness and acceptance. Its growth and profit potential cannot be overstated. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, and with operational offices located in Jackson, Mississippi, the company also has operations in Oklahoma. EBI’s immediate business strategy focuses on the Southern region of the United States. The company’s aggressive expansion program includes the building or acquiring of additional biodiesel refineries, soybean extrusion and crushing facilities, biodiesel blending operations, and retail service stations and truck stops. The long-term plan, however, calls for nationwide expansion.

    Number of Employees: 20 - 49
    Yearly Revenues: 20MM - 50MM
    Available Jobs (As Listed on Company Website): N/A