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  • scout8148 scout8148 Sep 25, 2009 7:46 AM Flag

    Share buy back Question ? -Just for the Smart People

    EVFL IS buying back 10 billion shares so that now means there is going to be 90,000,000,000 shares authorized instead of 100,000,000,000 shares authorized, can someone please explain to me why this is such breaking news that everyone is busting a nut about?? I just dont get it . Even if they bought 50 billion back how is that going to make the pps go up to .0008 or higher in the next few days, this company still has no profit and there isnt a huge demand for this stock !!

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    • royceconsulting Sep 25, 2009 10:56 AM Flag

      It goes like this. You own 100% of the stock at 100billion shares. If they buy back the full 10billion that leaves 90billion left. We still own 100% but less outstanding shares. 100%/100billion is .0001 (where the stock currently is trading). If they buy back 10bill, then 100%/90billion is .000111 or an 11% gain.

      Not at all impressive to me. Everyone has been blowing a big nut over this stuck when it isn't all that.

      (1) No profits, so EVFL feels they need to give something back.

      (2) If they own 50% ownership in Willies truckstop, why do they have no revenue?

      (3) They currently are not operating. They have ONLY ideas that they HOPE to put in motion.

      Only way you will make $$$ in this stock is to buy $300,000 at .0001. Put a sell order in at .0002 and you make $300,000. Do this several times and you are doing good for yourself.

    • Scout, here is how it works. Just because a company is authorized so many shares does not mean they are all in use. In this case EVFL is authorized up to 100 Billion Shares to sell as needed; however the company according to the last filing on states the company has 25 billion shares in play right now...O/S or outstanding. The buyback now means there will only...LOL...did I just say "only" :) there will be 15 billion shares available to purchase/ so forth so on...which helps with what they call serious dilution. Any time a company announces a buyback with that many outstanding shares it is a big deal it means there cutting back on the dilution so technically speaking there are less shares available and the pps should start rising the more they buyback the less amount circulating and that increases value. Now are we to a point where this stock will move I don't think so I think it will take operating facilities producing the cellulosic bio fuels for the 5 stations they are looking to open that will allow them capital to buyback more stocks. It's probably inevitable that they will have to do a R/S of some sort in the future to get this trading around the dollar level and possible a higher tier on the stock market that is another way to reduce the amount of shares and increasing the value of the stock. Hopefully they won't go crazy and piss off us shareholders that have been in for a while patiently waiting for something to happen and do a 10,000 to 1 r/s...a 1 to 1 or 5 to 1 or even 10 to 1 wouldn't be so bad.

      I'm not even close to being smart when it comes to all this pinksheets games companies play but I've done a lot of research and self teaching about stocks and that my take. I wouldn't worry to much about the 100 billion authorized a lot of companies have a load of stocks authorized but its whats in play that actually counts.

      Hope this helps! Goodluck to ya!

    • I am not smart .....