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  • jphershey21 jphershey21 Sep 28, 2009 4:47 PM Flag

    Buy at .0001 Sell at .00014

    Not sure if you all read Grandpa's post a while back about 5 digit trading but the MM's evidentily can...are doing it. Not sure how it works I think if people have market orders they give it to them and make $ cause they only give the sellers .ooo1 $ for the sell but sell it to the buyers at market which is .00018...etc. I can't find any online brokers that will do it.

    That's the problem right now not enough longs in this stock everyone wants to flip it from .0001 to .0002 & are crying when their sell order for .0002 takes 2 months to get filled. If people would just hold for a while it might start moving a little...seems that the companies sticking to it's "PLAN" so far so good...I know everyone hates that word "PLAN"...and...forsee...shoulda...woulda...coulda...but if we could get out of trying to flip this it just mighta...