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  • anesthesiasleep anesthesiasleep Nov 3, 2009 12:21 PM Flag

    Come on Dennis McLaughlin remember this:

    Evolution Fuels' CEO, Dennis McLaughlin, remarked, "The Board's approval of this program reflects our confidence in Evolution Fuels' future. Repurchasing stock demonstrates our commitment to enhancing stockholder value."
    Dennis, let us see some value. Get this stock moving!

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    • One thing to keep in mind on that subject is this: You always have the right to state your opinion, as long as it's made clear that it is an opinion and not fact.

    • Yes, and notice that I didn't make any of the stuff up. It is a Trail on the Web. If you put out wrong information out about someone in these msg boards, then you are liable getting sued.

    • Nice posts Upgear,

      It seems this guy has a serpentine trail of failures in his dossier...well, if the past is a good predictor of future outcomes, then this company is finished!

    • In all honesty, this sounds like the same drivel that came from another company that turned out to be scam...the CEO announced (in a CEO interview) a trip to another country to discuss an alleged R&D venture that is supposedly in the works.
      I am saying to myself, why not just go to the other country, find out what is going on, and then announce it?!
      Same thing seems to be going on here...why announce that you will be buying backshares? Just do it and then make the announcement! It is a carrot to keep the shareholders hanging on for further dilution and bleeding!

      "The Board's approval of this program reflects our confidence in Evolution Fuels' future. "

      the board can approve anything they want...that doesn't mean a damn bit of's what they act on that counts.. Show me the repurchase and then I will see your confidence in this company.

      Sorry if I sound a little bitter, but it seems that the writing is on the walls here....100bil A/S...come on!!

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      • ctropin2...I'm sorry your bitter; however I think you need to understand annoucing a trip is a who gives a crap pr just go and report back your right...but when it comes to buying back shares it has to be filed and announced...they can't just do it or they could get in trouble...and they can't say we bought back 100k...100mil...100 whatever amount shares today or's going to come out on the next quarterly...that's when we shareholders see the company excuting their plan...I understand your point though...this company won't go until the financials are released & we see some solid positive news...I've always said this company won't move until the middle of next year. Good luck on your investments!

      • Nothing is what it seem's here.
        This is all a show before this thing runs.. i stopped reading all these stock chat boards. To many people complaining and whining, They expect a stock to go up by itsself.

        The true time of this stock to move is when the next Quarter report comes out. And they claim buy back. THEN IT WILL MOVE. with fuel station news buyback news. OS/AS News. And other news this thing will go... Just wait n CHILL. 0002's are going to fall Very soon