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    • By David Montgomery
      Washington Post Staff Writer
      Wednesday, April 18, 2001; Page C01

      The lair of the bull has a provisional quality, as though at any minute he might have to flee a mob. The sole decoration is an unhung movie poster -- he's a Hitchcock fan -- and a box of clutter sits on the floor waiting to be unpacked. On his computer he can punch up stock graphs that resemble triple-black-diamond downhill ski slopes.

      Inspired, in part, by the bull, the public invested boldly -- and has lost about $4.4 trillion since the market's peak a year ago.

      The bull has no regrets.

      "I've actually gotten kind of upset lately about . . . bears sort of gloating," he says. "Like stopped clocks, they're finally right."

      James K. Glassman is not upset about much else. In a minute, he is sure, the stopped clocks will be wrong again. When he and economist Kevin A. Hassett published "Dow 36,000" a year and a half ago, Glassman became the silver-haired symbol of the boom that seemingly wouldn't end.

      He was part of the amazing moment when half of American adults became shareholders. If only investors were completely rational, he argues, then the Dow would immediately leap to 36,000. (Yesterday, it tiptoed up 58 points to 10,217.) He had a particular quality of glee -- when he laughed, his mouth pursed, his cheeks dimpled, his face got pointy -- that matched the age.

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    • Total volume 31,600. Earning comes this weekend.



    • ByVolume: Accumulation is very slow process.

      MauriceWh73> MO Good Reading bout Volume

      Thee active stocks have no earnings, but lot of shorts and dreams. Like your JDSU, LU or CSCO it a few days wonder. Good stocks must move slowly and have a nice base, a good reading for you.

      1. Low volume, sideways movement
      2. It is a very slow, tiring process.
      3. Low Volatility (difference between high and low)
      4. Most of you on the message board will be out.

      DVD earning is sound and has dividend or something in return like capital gains from investments

      Technical Analysis Glossary

      The first phase of a bull market. While most investors are discouraged with the market, and earnings are at their worst, some investors start buying shares. Or, and addition to a traders position.

      Advance/Decline Line
      Each days declining issues are subtracted from that days advancing issues. The difference is added to (subtracted from if negative) a running sum. Failure of this line to confirm a new high is a sign of weakness. Failure of this line to confirm a new low is a sign of strength.

      Rodney Dangerfield, No respect

      ByVolume: MauriceWh73, let us all learn to respect the market.

      Time for me to go.



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