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  • Zen_lunatic420 Zen_lunatic420 Jul 20, 2011 2:50 AM Flag

    SROE uplisting to AMEX: SARA tomorrow!

    Either thank me now for recomending it here six months ago when it was under $2, or thank me six months from now when it's in the double digits.

    SROE has double the revenue and less than 1/2 the market cap of MILL.....and SROE has more than $1 Billion in total reserves.....with even more promising prospects not counted in their reserves.

    ....oh....and most importantly....they actually make a profit! :)

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    • Enough pumping your crap stock SCROE SARA, try using SROE board.

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      • 1.) foreverwhiteroses: Use he SEC website to find company filings, if you don't know how to do that, you probably shouldn't be investing;

        2.) doctorevilstwin: MRO looks interesting, thanks for sharing an interesting idea.

        3.) beryrlsi: Funny you should call SARA a crap stock because SARA produces twice as much oil as MILL, brings in twice as much revenue, and ACTUALLY earns a profit on that revenue; but has half he market you understand what the word "value" means?

        I bought MILL for $0.90 the day they announced the acquisition of the Alaska assets, but grew disapointed with management as they gave themselves big performance bonuses and cheap options. MILL's management doesn't seam content to profit from their stock with shareholders, but would rather rape the company and pay themselves directly, so I got out around $5. I think if you look at SARA, you'll see SARA's management is keeping the value in the company for the shareholders.....and managment holds a majority of the they are also working for their best interest.....the ideal way capitalism should work....and not the way it's been exploited by most others.

    • Am I missing something or is it impossible to get a quarterly statement or balance sheet info on their website? Was tempted to take a flyer but couldn't establish a base performance record... also Ameritrade wouldn't allow an online purchase.... Phone call required....

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      • didn't seem like much volume today? For
        News is out. Hey did you know MILL is producing
        OIL in Alaska? RU-1 and RU-7 600 bod. And some in TENN.
        Did you hear about CVX selling its Union OIL interest to HILCORP. 7/20/2011.
        And that MRO bought HILCORP from KKR. 6/1/2011
        And did you hear that the U.S.G.S. 6/29/2011 said that there is more N.GAS (19T) and more 600 million barrels crude OIL. 9x more.
        Maybe COP and MRO will reopen the LNG export termail soon. (they sent the LNG to Japan)
        MRO is at around 52 week low.
        Also APA just won a lot of Leases up there.
        Well I heard that today. So I sold some MILL
        and Bought some MRO. I might get some APA, but its pretty high.

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